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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Two

Today at work I found myself trying to explain sentence structure to a Russian coworker. She sat down at my desk and asked me to tell her what she needed to know. Yikes. It's hard to teach English when you're a native English speaker. Let alone the fact that I can't remember all the "terms" for everything. I think I satisfied her quest for knowledge though. ;)

Work was busy today! Just a steady amount of people. I guess the summer season has started. Lucky for me, though, I only have two weeks left. It's especially nice now that my boss is in a mood about things... I know I have leaving to look forward to. Yay.

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that I completed another 101 in 1001! My Wii Fit 30 Day Challenge has finished.

Before I got... check out the DOM! It's looking pretty good huh? I wish it was lower!! I'm so ready for him to just be home.

PS: I'll be doing a giveaway on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Keep in mind that languages like Russian don't have articles. Same with Croatian. In my report writing class, I had to proofread a report written by a native Russian...he kept forgetting articles like "the" :P


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