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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Five

Today was our first official day of dog training. Dexter did pretty awesome (and so did I) considering it was raining most of the time. We were just practicing sit, lay down and heel - easy stuff that Dexter already knows. I'm going to miss next weeks class though, so we really need to practice so we'll be up to speed in two weeks.

After class, we headed off to Petco to get some fish food and kitty food. I really want to buy a new fish tank for my betta, but I'm cheap, so I might wait a bit to get the will to actually buy one. I found one I liked there that looked easy to clean and it was only $19! I should've just gotten it ;)

This afternoon I decided to brave the commissary because I have an early morning tomorrow. It wasn't too bad, though, and only a few people made me angry!

Back home I played some Sims, read a couple books, and relaxed in front of the TV. I even managed to make a good dinner for myself: BBQ chicken, mushy canned peas (a Chantal favorite) and baked beans. Really, I just wanted some baked beans, but I thought that would be a little pathetic if I only ate that. I've been getting pretty good at BBQing things, though I can't wait for Brandon to come home and take over that job!

Lastly, I got a package in the mail today!! I took part of a flip flop swap on a military spouse forum I chat on (some of you will know it) and got my stuff today. I love everything! She understood my tastes perfectly. Yay.

Remember, I'm hosting a giveaway on Monday!!

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  1. The canned peas thing--um, gross. The BBQ chicken and beans sound good though :)

    Oh, let me know when you want to meet up so I can pick up my Pampered Chef stuff! All of the hospital craziness is over (for now anyway!), so I have some time yay!


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