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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Eight

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This morning/early afternoon we had our transition brunch for the spouses club board members. The division commander's wife hosted it at their amazing house on General's loop. He's like the general. This house is ridiculous. There's like three living rooms, two dining rooms, a stove with eight burners, two fridges... you know. It's pretty nice. Too bad Brandon will never be a general, nor does he ever strive to be ;)

The brunch went well and afterwards we discovered that we could make it to the theatres right in time for the Crybaby Matinee! And this time it was just me, Christina and the baby, since Marcus was in childcare all day. Nice! We saw Bridesmaids. I thought it was really good! I like funny movies.

After the movie we went to Simply Organized to browse, got a cone at Mickey D's, then the PX before we had to pick up Marcus. Now I'm watching the Biggest Loser finale and then watching The Voice. I'm going to miss all my shows!!

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