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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty

I spy on my neighbors. It's kind of a bad habit, but I secretly enjoy it. Whenever I hear a noise outside, I peek through my windows. It helps if I'm in my bedroom too. My bedroom window faces out back, but towards all the houses, since our garages and parking spots are in the back.

Here's a rundown of my neighbors: The cool ones attached to me. The one with the whiny kid and lots of plants in the backyard beside me. The ones across the street with two big boxers Dexter doesn't like. The one who insists on backing her SUV into the garage (really?). The ones on the corner with the weird Hawaiian guy who are moving. Those guys are interesting... I've concocted a story of her and him. Her husband deployed, she fell in love with this weird Hawaiian guy, and now they're moving out. Seems fun ;)

Moral of the story: If you're my neighbor, you're gonna get spied on.

In other news... I became a contributor at the Homefront United Network! My first article posted today to a little bit of controversy, but I welcome the comments. Check it out: Should You Move Home During Deployment?

Also, I received another giveaway prize today!! It's some sauces from Saucy Mama from Saraplicious! Kitchen, a food blog. I'm super excited for the Tarragon Mustard (I loveloveLOVE mustard), but the Pacific Rim Ginger sauce & the Sweet Heat should be good.

Isn't it cool winning stuff from blog giveaways?! Now you have the chance to win a cool giveaway right here on this blog! Tomorrow is the last day!! I'm going to announce the winner!!


  1. bahahaha At least you're honest. lol

    I read your article and I thought you were spot on! Good job!

  2. I just read the article and I completely agree with you. If we would have had a home before he left, there is no way I would have given that up, because that is yall's home that you have made together. It is filled with memories! The countdown is just ticking by and the number is getting lower and lower :)
    We are almost there! I can't wait till you blog post says that he is home. I'll be so happy for you, but that also means that my husband is almost home too!


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