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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Three

Today is Day 333! I like numbers like that (even if I don't like the number three). It makes me happy. It's been weird for me typing in the new day every night because I can see it creeping closer to 365, a year. Can you believe it's been 333 days since he left? I can't!! Look have far we've come!

Being so close to homecoming, I have to think of the future! Like the future of this blog... I have to change the name! But what to? I have a couple ideas, do you?

Also, I think of the changes when Brandon gets home. Like I can't sleep on the entire bed! I have to get back on my side. And I can't watch the same shows I watch now without someone whining about them. There will be clothes on the floor and junk on the counter. Things will change! I haven't lived with him for a year, except for R&R, and it worries me a bit. I know it'll be fine though! I'm just excited for him to come back!

I had a great day today. We had a late breakfast at Breakers, a restaurant on the North Shore. Yum! We spent some time at Christina's cleaning her house (I don't mind, I like cleaning!) and then headed down south to Target & Ross. I got some new sunglasses, since mine broke, and a $10 Blu-Ray. Yay!

Michelle hosted a dinner for us. It was delicious! I really love hanging out with my friends, just talking and spending time. It's so nice. :)

Oh, and here's what we got to see on the way home. A lovely sunset!!

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  1. I know all about readjusting after being apart for a year. I don't get to sit and read blogs all day, for one. lol. And the things left on the counter and the floor and EVERYWHERE. I've learned to not bug him about it. I realize he likes to spread out with all his stuff after living in a 6-foot room for a year. He wants to feel like he OWNS the place. It has been about 9 months and we're still working on it. LOL.

    It's all worth it to have our Soldier home! So happy for you! Yay Day 333!


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