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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Four

Happy Memorial Day! I enjoyed reading all the posts about today and what it means, it was special. Thanks to everyone who put the effort into those blog posts!

When I got home tonight, I was thinking back a year ago. Brandon was about to deploy in a month and his family were visiting from Colorado. Last year on Memorial Day, we were dealing with a little lost-key fiasco (check out my blog post All signs point to...). Brandon went swimming with our car key in his pocket by accident... and you can guess the outcome.

We could have been at the state fair, like I wanted to go to! Which we did this year!! Well... me, Christina, Michelle and the boys... "we." I loooveee fairs and carnivals. The food, the rides, the entertainment, the atmosphere, it's all so great! And you know what? I don't think I've ever actually been to one with Brandon. I don't think he likes them. :(

We got there just a bit past 3pm and headed over to the Backyard Circus tent, where we were entertained by kids dressing up in costumes and just being silly. When that finished we realized that the next place we wanted to visit was packed full, so we rested a bit in a tent and listened to the Army brass band quintet and waited for Michelle to show up.

We met up with Michelle and went on a few fun rides! Christina & Michelle took the older boys on a helicopter kiddie ride, and then Michelle & I brought them on the ferris wheel. I really love the ferris wheel, even though it scared me at first. I'm not crazy - those things are rickety!

We split up into groups to go get some food. Me? I got a corn dog (omg delicious) and a candied apple (omg also delicious). We tried watching the circus but the kids started freaking out, so we got halfway through before bailing. Then we wandered through the games and went on one last ride (a slide) before heading out - 4 hours later!

I wish Brandon had been there, though he wouldn't have let me buy all that food and go on any rides. ;) Party pooper.

This was good after a rough morning. I tried to bring Dexter on a walk and we had another loose dog come after us. Dexter gets real bad around big dogs, so the two started fighting with each other. I got a rope burn as I dragged Dex away... and then the dog followed us into my back yard! It was a scary moment and it took me a couple hours to wind down after that. Yikes.

I'm happy it's Memorial Day, even though it's a more solemn day. I'm happy for my own selfish reasons. Memorial Day means the end of May, which means that in a few short weeks, I get my husband home from a war zone. I can't wait!


  1. Funny, reading this I just remembered that we were on our way to the fair last year when you called because Brandon had lost the car key. LOL, too funny. Sorry we couldn't help you out back then and you didn't get to go to the fair, but I'm glad we got to go this year.

  2. Kevin said that was the worst state fair he has ever been to :(

    I enjoyed taking pictures though! Glad you guys had a good time!


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