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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Three Hundred Ten

Today was going to be the day. Today, I was going to sleep in until 7am. I knew I would! I went to bed earlier than I've been going, Dexter was sleepy, Winston was sleepy, and I was sleepy. It was going to work.

That is, until Winston decided to bring a pack of Post-It notes onto the bed and play with them. I woke up to the sound of kitty nails and teeth against paper. Yay. Dexter then gets riled up because he's thinking "Winny has something he's not supposed to have!" and starts attacking him. So he's lunging on the bed, growling and making high pitched whiny sounds, while the cat frantically plays with his Post-It note.


I like to think his screaming meows in the morning are his apologies...

So I glanced at my clock - 5:45am. Of course. I grabbed the Post-It notes and stuffed them in my side table, where Winston proceeded to tamper with it (he managed to open it awhile later). Dexter thought I was awake by then, so 15 minutes later we went downstairs. I laid on the couch for bit before actually getting up.

Tonight after work, we were supposed to celebrate Courtney's birthday at a restaurant on the North Shore. However, it was such a rainy day today that she decided not to do that and host pizza at her house. Fast forward a couple hours and Michelle convinces her to get out, so we all went to Auntie Pasto's!

It was such a nice night! It was me with my closest friends and their babies, plus some delicious Italian food. I think she had a good birthday dinner too! Even if today was full of rain rain rain.

I'm going to relax with some more TV... and then sleep. Maybe tomorrow morning will be my morning? Maybe?

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