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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Three Hundred Sixteen

This is the post that was planned for last night, before Blogger had different ideas!

Dear Brandon,

Five years ago today (May 12, 2006), we decided to become "official" and start our journey! Sure, our first date was May 5, but this was the day we decided to be a couple.

I sealed it with a kiss on the cheek and then we didn't see each other for a month thanks to the Army (of course), but that first summer showed that we had something good going on. If we could see each other only 4 times in the first months of our relationship and still decide we wanted to get married, then it had to work out, right?

So here's to us on our non-anniversary! I'm going to keep making you celebrate May 12 (no gifts required) until I'm dead or I forget that we even started dating at some point.

We were young kids of 19 and 20 with light in our eyes at the start of our relationship, and now, five years later, we're just slightly older kids with the same light in our eyes. We have such a great future together! I'm glad we found each other and can't wait for another five non-anniversaries, and five more after that, and another five, until we run out of years.

We don't look too bad nowadays, huh? ;)

I love you!

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