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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Three Hundred Seventeen

I survived the Blogger Meltdown of May 2011. Barely.

It looked like for awhile Day 315 was gone for good and I was resigned to that fact, but now it seems to be back. Weird. I kind of became angry because my blog is technically a blog a day while you're away, and seeing as he's away, I should blog every day. Except last night, of course. Oh well, catch my "catch-up" Day 316 that I posted this morning! It's kind of sweet. You'll see why. :)

Today was a good day. I babysat Marcus in the morning and made a makeshift splash-park in my backyard with a hose, sprinkler and bowls of water. After he was picked up, I did laundry and played Sims. Then I went over to Christina's, we went to Costco, hung out... you know, the usual. It was a nice day!

I got another book in the mail today! This one is about working from home freelancing. Yikes, I'm leaving my job in less than 3 weeks and working on my writing. Am I ready?!

Side note: I have too many books to read. I need to get to it!

And to leave, I have a couple funny YouTube videos. One is a popular one that's been going around and the other is one I took this morning of Dexter. Watch them both! :D

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  1. Blogger practically crashed for 20 hours Thursday night through Friday morning. A few of my blog posts are missing and haven't been recovered yet.
    I'm glad you got yours back. :)

    Day 316 made me tear up btw. That is so sweet! I hope he gets to read it soon. :)
    Happy non-anniversary to y'all!


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