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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Three Hundred Eighteen

I had a busy busy day!!

Dog training started today!! The first class you don't bring your dog, so it was just me. We got split into groups with our instructors and let me tell you, I'm excited about my lady. Why? She's the border collie lady! She has 3 border collies and is basically an expert. I hope to rack her brain about some behavioral problems (licking, jumping, and anxiety around big dogs, to name a few) and hopefully get some solutions!

The class went long, so I rushed back to Christina's, because we were going to the New Baby Expo downtown! The Expo was fun. The best part? We bought a hamburger and delicious garlic fries, for outrageous prices. But they were tasty!

So after the Expo, since we were downtown already, we hopped over to the big mall to go to Victoria's Secret. Brandon said "go get yourself a nice new bra" and I did! It's just a boring white one, but I needed a good bra, and I can't wait to wear it. Super comfy!

Oh, then we went to another mall closer to home to go to a more risque store ;). I didn't buy anything there, but there was some good merchandise. Brandon is coming home next month, you know.

It was a super duper long day. I left home at 9:30am and didn't get back until 6pm. Yikes! Now it's time for a Netflix :D

PS: I love my husband. He's such a great guy!

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  1. I have a little under 2 months left! yay for the light at the end of the tunnel! :)
    Chris always tells me to take other wives out for dinner who's husbands think they are having a bad day or feeling lonely. I think that is so sweet.


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