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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Five

Today was my last day of work. It was an easy day, too. I worked from 9-12, and then I had to head down to another post to turn in my ID and some paperwork. After that, I was allowed to go right home!

My office is pretty great at throwing potluck parties. I didn't even see everyone bring stuff in! But then I was told to go to the back and there was all the food for our going away party. It was for me and another coworker, who had transferred to another job. There was all kinds of delicious food! It was wonderful. I also got a nice card signed by everyone. And a lei & balloon (which Dexter hates).

I have to admit that I am a bit sad about leaving. There, I said it! I had some nice coworkers and job itself wasn't horrible. I think it has more to do with the change - I have an issue with change. I start to second guess myself about these big decisions. And geez, now I actually have to start writing! I can't put it off anymore!

This afternoon, Christina and I decided to go bowling! This was Marcus's first time and he had a great time. I did kinda sucky the first game but then got better the second game. Marcus did pretty good, but he had a ramp ;). Christina did good, of course. I beat her the second game! (Even though she said she bowls better when handicapped, like holding her baby or when she's drunk!)

Today turned out to be a great day. I like that it's exactly 30 days until Day 365, a year. I also like that it's less than 30 days until he's home!

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Four

Happy Memorial Day! I enjoyed reading all the posts about today and what it means, it was special. Thanks to everyone who put the effort into those blog posts!

When I got home tonight, I was thinking back a year ago. Brandon was about to deploy in a month and his family were visiting from Colorado. Last year on Memorial Day, we were dealing with a little lost-key fiasco (check out my blog post All signs point to...). Brandon went swimming with our car key in his pocket by accident... and you can guess the outcome.

We could have been at the state fair, like I wanted to go to! Which we did this year!! Well... me, Christina, Michelle and the boys... "we." I loooveee fairs and carnivals. The food, the rides, the entertainment, the atmosphere, it's all so great! And you know what? I don't think I've ever actually been to one with Brandon. I don't think he likes them. :(

We got there just a bit past 3pm and headed over to the Backyard Circus tent, where we were entertained by kids dressing up in costumes and just being silly. When that finished we realized that the next place we wanted to visit was packed full, so we rested a bit in a tent and listened to the Army brass band quintet and waited for Michelle to show up.

We met up with Michelle and went on a few fun rides! Christina & Michelle took the older boys on a helicopter kiddie ride, and then Michelle & I brought them on the ferris wheel. I really love the ferris wheel, even though it scared me at first. I'm not crazy - those things are rickety!

We split up into groups to go get some food. Me? I got a corn dog (omg delicious) and a candied apple (omg also delicious). We tried watching the circus but the kids started freaking out, so we got halfway through before bailing. Then we wandered through the games and went on one last ride (a slide) before heading out - 4 hours later!

I wish Brandon had been there, though he wouldn't have let me buy all that food and go on any rides. ;) Party pooper.

This was good after a rough morning. I tried to bring Dexter on a walk and we had another loose dog come after us. Dexter gets real bad around big dogs, so the two started fighting with each other. I got a rope burn as I dragged Dex away... and then the dog followed us into my back yard! It was a scary moment and it took me a couple hours to wind down after that. Yikes.

I'm happy it's Memorial Day, even though it's a more solemn day. I'm happy for my own selfish reasons. Memorial Day means the end of May, which means that in a few short weeks, I get my husband home from a war zone. I can't wait!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Three

Today is Day 333! I like numbers like that (even if I don't like the number three). It makes me happy. It's been weird for me typing in the new day every night because I can see it creeping closer to 365, a year. Can you believe it's been 333 days since he left? I can't!! Look have far we've come!

Being so close to homecoming, I have to think of the future! Like the future of this blog... I have to change the name! But what to? I have a couple ideas, do you?

Also, I think of the changes when Brandon gets home. Like I can't sleep on the entire bed! I have to get back on my side. And I can't watch the same shows I watch now without someone whining about them. There will be clothes on the floor and junk on the counter. Things will change! I haven't lived with him for a year, except for R&R, and it worries me a bit. I know it'll be fine though! I'm just excited for him to come back!

I had a great day today. We had a late breakfast at Breakers, a restaurant on the North Shore. Yum! We spent some time at Christina's cleaning her house (I don't mind, I like cleaning!) and then headed down south to Target & Ross. I got some new sunglasses, since mine broke, and a $10 Blu-Ray. Yay!

Michelle hosted a dinner for us. It was delicious! I really love hanging out with my friends, just talking and spending time. It's so nice. :)

Oh, and here's what we got to see on the way home. A lovely sunset!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Two

Today was my last full day of work! Tuesday I'm technically working, but I'll only be working for half the day. Yay!! After work I saw the movie Hop at the post theatre with Christina after work, and then they all came over for an enchilada dinner. Yum yum yum!

Oh, but you probably don't care about that, huh? Want to know who won the giveaway?!

I did a drawing and since I can't figure out how to do screen shots or whatever... I'll just let you know.

And the winner is...


Please comment on this post or email me and we can figure out getting your book! I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty-One

Because I'm super tired, I'm going to leave my giveaway open for one more night. The drawing will be tomorrow!

After a grumpy and impatient day at work (ahhh only 2 more days left!!) I had a very wonderful evening!

Tonight we had another Blue Star event. This one was an art gallery event in downtown Honolulu. Basically they were giving us free admission, and free transportation, though we drove down there ourselves. It was pretty cool! It was more of a party than an art walk. Sure, there were the galleries and we made sure to check them all out, but everything else was entertaining.

The theme was Marrakech, so there were belly dancers and the appropriate music and food for the occasion. We ate lamb, fruit salad and cous cous. The dancing was pretty cool and the music was rocking. It felt like we were in a dance club! And coming from work, I was a bit underdressed. The whole thing made me feel like a real grown up. :)

I just got home not 15 minutes ago, so it's been a late night for me. Yeah, it's only 10pm or so, but that's late for this girl! Of course, Dexter is super hyper, after being all alone since 9:45am. I visited him on lunch and after work, and we went on a walk in the morning, but it's never enough for a border collie!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Three Hundred Thirty

I spy on my neighbors. It's kind of a bad habit, but I secretly enjoy it. Whenever I hear a noise outside, I peek through my windows. It helps if I'm in my bedroom too. My bedroom window faces out back, but towards all the houses, since our garages and parking spots are in the back.

Here's a rundown of my neighbors: The cool ones attached to me. The one with the whiny kid and lots of plants in the backyard beside me. The ones across the street with two big boxers Dexter doesn't like. The one who insists on backing her SUV into the garage (really?). The ones on the corner with the weird Hawaiian guy who are moving. Those guys are interesting... I've concocted a story of her and him. Her husband deployed, she fell in love with this weird Hawaiian guy, and now they're moving out. Seems fun ;)

Moral of the story: If you're my neighbor, you're gonna get spied on.

In other news... I became a contributor at the Homefront United Network! My first article posted today to a little bit of controversy, but I welcome the comments. Check it out: Should You Move Home During Deployment?

Also, I received another giveaway prize today!! It's some sauces from Saucy Mama from Saraplicious! Kitchen, a food blog. I'm super excited for the Tarragon Mustard (I loveloveLOVE mustard), but the Pacific Rim Ginger sauce & the Sweet Heat should be good.

Isn't it cool winning stuff from blog giveaways?! Now you have the chance to win a cool giveaway right here on this blog! Tomorrow is the last day!! I'm going to announce the winner!!

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Nine

Have you entered my awesome Giveaway?

Today was jam packed! I just got off Skype with Brandon and spent way too long explaining every event in detail. I'm sure he got a little bored after a bit, hehe. This is what I did today:

First, this morning the termite guys were coming for (maybe) the last time. They drilled into the foundation and filled the holes with some gel or... something, that kills and deters this certain type of termite. Yay. So while they had their fun downstairs, I was locked upstairs playing Sims with a barking dog and a terrified kitty. They did a very good job and were very professional - I like these guys!

Second, I went over to Christina's. We hung out for a bit making lunch and playing this fun Wii game she borrowed from the library. It was a detective game and actually was interesting, even though it was geared more towards the younger ones.

Third, we went down to see Sesame Street Live! Oh the things I do now that I have friends with kids ;). This was surprisingly fun too! Though now my back is killing me from sitting on the hard gym floor.

Fourth, we made our way to the NEX, which I haven't been to for awhile! I ate a food court dinner with Michelle, Christina and all the boys, and then we wandered around the store. I bought some hairties - big spender here.

Fifth, well... I came home after a bit! I'm tired but sitting down with my Wednesday Netflix, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's been awhile since I saw this movie!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Eight

Have you entered my awesome Giveaway?

This morning/early afternoon we had our transition brunch for the spouses club board members. The division commander's wife hosted it at their amazing house on General's loop. He's like the general. This house is ridiculous. There's like three living rooms, two dining rooms, a stove with eight burners, two fridges... you know. It's pretty nice. Too bad Brandon will never be a general, nor does he ever strive to be ;)

The brunch went well and afterwards we discovered that we could make it to the theatres right in time for the Crybaby Matinee! And this time it was just me, Christina and the baby, since Marcus was in childcare all day. Nice! We saw Bridesmaids. I thought it was really good! I like funny movies.

After the movie we went to Simply Organized to browse, got a cone at Mickey D's, then the PX before we had to pick up Marcus. Now I'm watching the Biggest Loser finale and then watching The Voice. I'm going to miss all my shows!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Seven

Welcome to my Giveaway!!

Recently I was given the privilege to read a new novel about a family going through a new deployment. Of course, I jumped on the chance because I love reading and I love military life! Here's a bit about the book, Alice Bliss, and it's author:

Alice Bliss is fifteen and is heartbroken when she learns her father is being deployed to Iraq. He’s leaving just as his daughter blossoms into a full-blown teenager. She will learn to drive, shop for a dress for her first dance, and fall in love all while trying to be strong for her mother and take care of her younger sister. Alice wears her dad’s shirt every day; even though the scent of him is fading and his phone calls are never long enough. Life continues without him, but nothing can prepare Alice for the day two uniformed officers arrive at their door with news.

Faced with life without him, Alice must learn to get through each day until it no longer hurts to smile; until she can see she still has a family, and she’s still surrounded by love. A profoundly moving, uplifting novel ALICE BLISS is a story about those who are left at home during wartime and a teenage girl bravely facing the future.

[The author] Laura Harrington a novelist, playwright, lyricist and librettist. She also teaches playwriting at MIT. ALICE BLISS grew out of Harrington’s one-woman musical Alice Unwrapped, which ran off-Broadway in New York and in the Minneapolis Fringe Festival in 2009. Turning it into a novel gave Harrington an opportunity to write about war from the perspective of those at home, to delve into growing up against the backdrop of war and loss; and finally to explore the loss of a father; something with which she has personal experience.

Harrington’s father was a navigator/bombardier in WWII, and both of her brothers enlisted in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Both brothers were forever changed by their experiences, and her father suffered from PTSD following the WWII. He was unable to talk about what he went through. She cites growing up a witness to her father’s silent suffering as one of the greatest mysteries and inspirations of her life.

Photo by Claire Zeller Barclay

Now my review: I'll start with the bad news - I had a difficult time reading this. Oh my goodness, I hate to say it, as a writer and reader and an extended member of the military. It wasn't the story and it wasn't the characters. You know what I think it is? Timing on my part (being in the middle of another engaging book) and the present-tense of the novel. I guess I'm picky and have problems with present tense. Oh well.

The good news - it was a compelling story to read! It showed the family of a reservist going through presumably their first deployment together. The father with a strong sense of duty, the depressed wife without her love, the title character going through typical teenage challenges, and the fun loving and unsure younger daughter. It was interesting to see the various characters coming together in different ways and dealing with what the military life gives them, and also to see a different dynamic of military life that I'm not familiar with.

So... on to the giveaway!! I want to pass this book on to one of my lovely readers - it could be you!! Interested in getting your hands on this free copy? You don't have to do much.

Mandatory Entry

Comment on this blog telling me you'd like to win!

Extra Entries (separate comment per entry, please)
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The giveaway will be open until Friday, where on my Friday blog I will announce the winner. Good luck!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Six

This morning a few coworkers and I went on another FAM (familiarization) tour. You know, the tours we get to do for free as long as we write a report. This one was a dolphin watch and snorkel tour.

We had to get there bright and early at 7:15am. Good thing I'm a morning person! It was down on the coast (obviously) on the south western corner of the island. We boarded the ship at 8am and soon after, we were on our way! The first leg brought us up the western coast of the island. It was so beautiful!

This was the dolphin watch part, but we actually didn't see any dolphins! It was a nice sail though, where we lounged around, chatted and had a few drinks. After about an hour we stopped at our first snorkel part. It's a great place with tons of corals and a bazillion fish. They gave us fish food and the fishies chased us around.

Our second spot was a "turtle cleaning station," where turtles stop to get their shells cleaned off by these little fish. There were so many fish there too and these guys wanted to chase me even more than the other guys. I saw 4 turtles too!!

And yeah, we did end up seeing spinner dolphins. Soooo cool. I love these guys!

To top off our little trip, we boated around the marina to see this ship at the end. Recognize it? From a certain series of movies, recently having come out with their fourth installment? ;);)

It was a great trip! We snorkeled, saw dolphins, turtles and tons of fish, and just had a good time with coworkers. It was a nice trip - one of the perks of this job that I'll definitely miss. I won't miss it that bad though.

Most of these photos were taken by the tour photographer, Ali. She did a great job!

PS: Show up tomorrow for my book giveaway!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Five

Today was our first official day of dog training. Dexter did pretty awesome (and so did I) considering it was raining most of the time. We were just practicing sit, lay down and heel - easy stuff that Dexter already knows. I'm going to miss next weeks class though, so we really need to practice so we'll be up to speed in two weeks.

After class, we headed off to Petco to get some fish food and kitty food. I really want to buy a new fish tank for my betta, but I'm cheap, so I might wait a bit to get the will to actually buy one. I found one I liked there that looked easy to clean and it was only $19! I should've just gotten it ;)

This afternoon I decided to brave the commissary because I have an early morning tomorrow. It wasn't too bad, though, and only a few people made me angry!

Back home I played some Sims, read a couple books, and relaxed in front of the TV. I even managed to make a good dinner for myself: BBQ chicken, mushy canned peas (a Chantal favorite) and baked beans. Really, I just wanted some baked beans, but I thought that would be a little pathetic if I only ate that. I've been getting pretty good at BBQing things, though I can't wait for Brandon to come home and take over that job!

Lastly, I got a package in the mail today!! I took part of a flip flop swap on a military spouse forum I chat on (some of you will know it) and got my stuff today. I love everything! She understood my tastes perfectly. Yay.

Remember, I'm hosting a giveaway on Monday!!

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Four

This post might be my last, given what might happen with tomorrow's rapture and all. ;) I'll be dealing with a little apocalyptic stuff and I don't know if the internet will be working with all these zombies around. Good thing Brandon and I have hashed out our apocalypse plan!

In other news... I got Brandon's welcome home banner this morning!! Unfortunately you can't see it until he comes home because, well, he can't see it until he comes home! But it's real pretty.

Speaking of him coming home... oh my goodness, we are just ready! He's been getting kind of grumpy lately just because he's so anxious to get back. He's not the only one; most of my friends' husbands are feeling the same way. They are just done, you know? I wonder if he'd feel the same if this deployment was 6 months long?

This morning was eventful. Before work I had to go get Kimber again because Christina is doing another (hehe) spouses retreat. She really needed to shower, so I stuck back for a bit to help with the boys. Unfortunately, my dumb dog decided to lick the sleeping baby, waking him up and making Dominic scream for most of the time I was there. After a bit, Marcus started freaking out. Yikes! Screaming kids! I think I handled it well. ;)

Work was busy. Almost done!

Oh, and to top off this pretty good day, my neighbors gave me a delicious steak dinner! Steak, veggies and rice, plus a bunch of chocolate for dessert. I'm gonna hate it when they leave!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Three

Keep your eye out Monday! I'll be hosting a book giveaway!

Today was our last spouses club luncheon of the year! The theme was American traditions and before we ate our BBQ lunch, we had a bunch of trivia. I knew the answers to a lot of the questions but I wasn't able to lift my paddle fast enough... ah well. Oh, and I didn't win any prizes! Guess my luck is out!

It's ok though, because I've won another blog giveaway. Yay

After the luncheon we kind of didn't know what to do. We went to the PX for a bit, and then I went over to Christina's to hang out outside. We tried to get Marcus to play in his little pool but he wasn't too interested. At one point Dexter tried attacking a dog that was passing by... it was eventful.

Later on, after we got inside, Christina fed me dinner! I went home after a bit and now I'm chilling on the couch watching season finales. Oh my goodness, do you remember me talking about my shows starting up again?! And now here we are at the end of the year. It kind of worries me because I still have some time before Brandon is actually home... but I think I can find stuff to entertain myself. ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Two

Today at work I found myself trying to explain sentence structure to a Russian coworker. She sat down at my desk and asked me to tell her what she needed to know. Yikes. It's hard to teach English when you're a native English speaker. Let alone the fact that I can't remember all the "terms" for everything. I think I satisfied her quest for knowledge though. ;)

Work was busy today! Just a steady amount of people. I guess the summer season has started. Lucky for me, though, I only have two weeks left. It's especially nice now that my boss is in a mood about things... I know I have leaving to look forward to. Yay.

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that I completed another 101 in 1001! My Wii Fit 30 Day Challenge has finished.

Before I got... check out the DOM! It's looking pretty good huh? I wish it was lower!! I'm so ready for him to just be home.

PS: I'll be doing a giveaway on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty-One

The Terminix guys came back today to inspect the kitchen situation. Good news: We have no more termites. Bad news: Ants have moved in. I knew this because I've been dealing with the ants for a couple weeks now, crawling around my sink and eating my crumbs. Gross. The guy took care of them for me though.

A little factoid for you though: Apparently ants and termites have a little turf war, so when the termites moved out, the ants took over.

I love having days off!! Only two more weeks and I have permanent days off! Sorta. My new "job" will be writing. No going to the office, no set work hours, but I'll definitely be working. I'm so looking forward to it though.

What else did I do today... I hung out with Christina and the boys, of course. We went shopping at the outlet mall and picked up lunch while out. Back at our little spot on the island, we walked the dogs. Marcus actually walked Dexter for nearly the entire time! He held the leash and only fell down a couple times. Dexter is pretty good (except when he gets excited) and Marcus had a blast.

Lastly, here's a video I saw on a couple blogs. It really hit home. I don't wear sunscreen nearly as much as I should and I'm always burning my shoulders and nose. My shoulders are a soft spot too, because when I was 12 I got a 2nd degree burn there. That increases my chance of melanoma so much! Anyway, check out this video, it's worth it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Three Hundred Twenty

Did you know that it's only 45 days until exactly a year since Brandon left? And that he's coming home before that year mark, so it makes it less than 45 days until he's home? Nice.

I'm getting to that point where I'm just anxious for him to get back. It was like this before R&R, when time slowed down, and I'm just waiting waiting waiting for him to come back. I've spent the last ten and a half months without him. I can do it, I don't need him... but I do. It's hard to explain!

I do have some things to look forward to!! Two weeks and a couple days from now I will be officially done with my job. It's kind of frustrating when my coworkers ask why I'm leaving. I have my reasons. Number 1: Brandon is coming home and I want to spend time with him, not worrying about asking for time off or working when he's home. Number 2: I need to work on my writing career. I have an idea for a new story brewing and I need to finish editing my novel so I can get an agent. Number 3: I'm just ready to move on... and super excited too!

As for today... the only exciting part was a vendor thinking my name was Santos. Seriously. Chantal = Santos, apparently. We all had a good laugh about it!

Oh, and in other news... I signed up to be a contributing writer at the Homefront United Network!! Now I need to brainstorm story ideas... any suggestions?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Three Hundred Nineteen

We're halfway through the month!!

Two years ago today I was pulling into our Georgia apartment complex with my sister in the passenger seat. We had driven for two days from Colorado, having left early on the 14th and spending the night in St. Louis, and were bone tired. But I was super excited. Brandon had been in Georgia since early January of that year at his officer basic course, and unfortunately I had to wait until I graduated college before joining him.

January to May was extremely difficult for both of us. Our relationship was fine, it was everything else that surrounded us. The day after I submitted my last college final, I was out the door and not looking back. Nope, I didn't go to graduation. I had to leave. And my goodness, that was the best summer of my life - no school, no work, no stress of my old life. And Brandon was around me!

Has it really been two years since I graduated college? I feel like I should've gotten more done by now. But you know, I had no contingency plan. I was supposed to be in the Army, that was going to be my career. When that fell through... well, it was basically a "see ya! hope you had fun!" and I was on my own.

Thank goodness I have Brandon. He's my rock!

So today it was hot and humid and it made me soooooo tired. But it was fun! We went to the farmer's market and had a quick walk through, then we came back up to the town beside post where they were having a pineapple festival. For being a festival about pineapples, it was sure lacking those, haha. But there was some good jazz music and good food.

Alright, I need to decide what movie to watch tonight on Instant Play! There's one I want to watch but it's way too long for me. Guess it'll be another one. ;) Hope you all are doing great!

Day Three Hundred Eighteen

I had a busy busy day!!

Dog training started today!! The first class you don't bring your dog, so it was just me. We got split into groups with our instructors and let me tell you, I'm excited about my lady. Why? She's the border collie lady! She has 3 border collies and is basically an expert. I hope to rack her brain about some behavioral problems (licking, jumping, and anxiety around big dogs, to name a few) and hopefully get some solutions!

The class went long, so I rushed back to Christina's, because we were going to the New Baby Expo downtown! The Expo was fun. The best part? We bought a hamburger and delicious garlic fries, for outrageous prices. But they were tasty!

So after the Expo, since we were downtown already, we hopped over to the big mall to go to Victoria's Secret. Brandon said "go get yourself a nice new bra" and I did! It's just a boring white one, but I needed a good bra, and I can't wait to wear it. Super comfy!

Oh, then we went to another mall closer to home to go to a more risque store ;). I didn't buy anything there, but there was some good merchandise. Brandon is coming home next month, you know.

It was a super duper long day. I left home at 9:30am and didn't get back until 6pm. Yikes! Now it's time for a Netflix :D

PS: I love my husband. He's such a great guy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Three Hundred Seventeen

I survived the Blogger Meltdown of May 2011. Barely.

It looked like for awhile Day 315 was gone for good and I was resigned to that fact, but now it seems to be back. Weird. I kind of became angry because my blog is technically a blog a day while you're away, and seeing as he's away, I should blog every day. Except last night, of course. Oh well, catch my "catch-up" Day 316 that I posted this morning! It's kind of sweet. You'll see why. :)

Today was a good day. I babysat Marcus in the morning and made a makeshift splash-park in my backyard with a hose, sprinkler and bowls of water. After he was picked up, I did laundry and played Sims. Then I went over to Christina's, we went to Costco, hung out... you know, the usual. It was a nice day!

I got another book in the mail today! This one is about working from home freelancing. Yikes, I'm leaving my job in less than 3 weeks and working on my writing. Am I ready?!

Side note: I have too many books to read. I need to get to it!

And to leave, I have a couple funny YouTube videos. One is a popular one that's been going around and the other is one I took this morning of Dexter. Watch them both! :D

Day Three Hundred Sixteen

This is the post that was planned for last night, before Blogger had different ideas!

Dear Brandon,

Five years ago today (May 12, 2006), we decided to become "official" and start our journey! Sure, our first date was May 5, but this was the day we decided to be a couple.

I sealed it with a kiss on the cheek and then we didn't see each other for a month thanks to the Army (of course), but that first summer showed that we had something good going on. If we could see each other only 4 times in the first months of our relationship and still decide we wanted to get married, then it had to work out, right?

So here's to us on our non-anniversary! I'm going to keep making you celebrate May 12 (no gifts required) until I'm dead or I forget that we even started dating at some point.

We were young kids of 19 and 20 with light in our eyes at the start of our relationship, and now, five years later, we're just slightly older kids with the same light in our eyes. We have such a great future together! I'm glad we found each other and can't wait for another five non-anniversaries, and five more after that, and another five, until we run out of years.

We don't look too bad nowadays, huh? ;)

I love you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day Three Hundred Fifteen

Some things I'm liking these days...

I like my dog.

Yeah, you probably already know this. I don't make it a secret. I absolutely adore my stinky puppy. We were chasing each other around the house today on my lunch break and I couldn't stop smiling. He's just such a great dog for me! Sure, he's crazy and doesn't listen most of the time. But he's mine. He's my baby.

I like that we're going to Australia.

I'm beyond excited for our trip. I have so much I want to do and it's all super expensive! I have to narrow it down and I don't think I can haha. Currently, I want to go see a play/opera at the Sydney Opera House. I just have to convince Brandon.

I like Damn You Auto Correct.

Haven't read it? Do it. Now. It's the best thing ever. I can never ever have a sad day because of these. I nearly pee my pants laughing, and I definitely cry a lot of laughing tears. Check it out, now. You won't regret it.

A couple things I don't like right now....

I don't like Winston sitting on the counter beside the fish.

Thank goodness I have an awesome puppy who warned me about this transgression. I don't think he was doing anything, but maybe one day? I had to snap a picture to show Brandon proof of this. Bad bad bad kitty.

And I don't like having the song "Friday" stuck in my head.

Guess what I've been singing all day. Thanks, Glee.

Day Three Hundred Fourteen

I woke up to sunshine today!! What an amazing feeling. My eyes weren't expecting it so when I moved the blinds to look outside like I do most mornings, I was nearly blinded. Owie. But it was hopeful. (Yeah, it rained a bit today, but it was mostly warm).

This afternoon Christina, me and the boys all went to go see a movie. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but we went to the Crybaby Matinee - a special movie set aside for families with small children. They keep the lights on a bit and provide a changing table. That way, your kids can be loud and it's a safe place. The movie today was Fast Five. We weren't necessarily rushing out to watch it, but it was there, so we took it.

We actually enjoyed it! It was loud enough to get Marcus engaged. It was entertaining. I mean, you don't have to expect much from a movie like that. Just lots of guns and cars and explosions. We had a good time!

After that, Michelle invited us over for dinner. Again, a good time! We sat around and chatted and ate a great, healthy meal. We really should do that more often, huh? ;)

Alright, back to my TV shows. It's Tuesday night, and that means Biggest Loser, The Voice and Glee!!