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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Six

I had a rough start to the day. I was at work for just over 2 hours before I asked my boss if I could go home. Mentally, I wasn't handling it. I needed a personal day, you know? Among other things, I've just been running myself ragged.

It was a good decision, on my part! Today was beautiful, as evidenced by this early morning photo I took of the tree outside my house:

When I got home from work, I slumped on the couch and watched a DVR'd show from last night. Then I decided I needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do something. So I packed Dexy up and headed up to the North Shore. I just wanted to dip my toes in the warm water and let Dexter get some energy out. I was so glad I went! It was beautiful out there.

Dexter sure loves playing in the waves. He gets a little crazy attacking them, swallows too much water, and has some "issues" at home. Yuck.

On the way back home, I tried to get some ice cream at McDonald's, but all the drive-through's were packed. Oh well. I ended up getting a milkshake later from BK. I made a stop at Christina's for a bit to scan something and chatted for a bit before heading home for the rest of my personal day.

I then spent a couple hours reading and finishing my latest novel. Oh, I hate finishing books. You know the feeling? Now I feel so lost! Do I read the next one in the series? Do I take a break and read another? What would you do? :P

Now I'm catching up on more DVR. I'm enjoying this laying on the couch thing. I wish I could stay here for days!!

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  1. beautiful day for recharging! and i am the same way when i finish a book, especially a really enjoyable book. if it's a series & i have the next book(s) i am definitely one to have marathons! : )


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