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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Two Hundred Ninety-One

I'm so exhausted, but I'm a happy exhausted, a satisfied exhausted. It's days like this that make the deployment a thing of the past!

It was back to the polo field for us today! Last week was such a hit with our group that we had to go back again. This time, we were ready for everything. Christina and I got there early to block out spots for everyone. We were ready with seven chairs, five blankets, a cooler full of drinks and food, a tent for the kids, and a few balls for play with. It wasn't going to be a repeat of last week!

Our friends Janelle & Cole arrived along with a few of their friends, plus Courtney and her baby Connor (who isn't such a baby anymore! He's 9 months old!). They brought along a little grill and some hamburgers and hot dogs. Yummy! It was a great spread of food.

We spent most of the time slightly watching the polo match and chatting with each other. During the breaks and halftime, we threw the football, kicked one of the balls, and tossed the frisbee. At one point I got hit in the head with a frisbee. Brandon laughed when I told him that. Meanie.

We were out there all afternoon, even past the match. It was just nice! I did stop for a moment to look over everyone and think with a sad smile that it would just be great if Brandon could be there. I could see him throwing the ball with the guys and having a good time. I hope we can do stuff like this when he gets home!

Anyway, it was a good day. Marcus and Dominic were wiped out!

In other news... I have a Pampered Chef party this Wednesday (so excited!), have been thinking of a new name for my blog when Brandon is no longer away and pondering a giveaway in May. It would be a nice end to this deployment thing, huh?

Ok, I'm heading off to make a Welcome Home sign for Brandon!! I can't show it to you until he comes home because he wants to be surprised. It's so close!

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  1. Eeek! Making a sign?! That DOES mean it's getting close! And that picture of the kiddo's asleep was adorable - a polo match sounds like a lot of fun!


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