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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Four

Wow! What a day! I'm pretty sure in the last two days I got enough Vitamin D to last me a week, or a month, or even a year. I have the sunburns to prove it.

Today, we went off to watch the opening day of Hawaii Polo! First, the morning was relaxing. I woke up, did the Wii Fit, and even biked Dexter around the neighborhood! After some chatting with Brandon, I read a bit until Christina texted me, ready to go.

Our first stop was the Farmer's Market, of course. I just love it there! We wandered around and ended up with chocolate covered bananas. Yum!! We were done a bit early, but that's ok! We just headed over to the polo fields.

It's such a beautiful location. At one of the furthest points from busy Honolulu, the polo field is right on the ocean on the North Shore. The grass is great, the field is big and framed by palm trees, and one side is lined by a sandy beach and wavy ocean. We drove all the way around the field and parked at the edge. Luckily we arrived early, the place was packed!! There were over 2000 people there!

We got the blankets and chairs out. Wow, it was hot! We did not expect it, but the humidity was high, and once the clouds drifted away, the sun blasted down. Poor Dominic was pissed off the whole afternoon haha. Marcus was happy, especially once I brought him down to cool off in the water. He was loving that!

Our friends Janelle and Cole joined us, plus some of their friends. Before the games started, we threw the toy football, ate lunch from the food trucks (love this part of Hawaii), and relaxed in the sun, talking.

Everything started around 2 in the afternoon. It was Army vs Hawaii! Of course, we were cheering for the Army side. I have no clue who won because I only watched the game half the time. I spent most of the time chasing Marcus or just relaxing on the blankets.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the temperature finally dropped down and it became very pleasant. The games ended around 5pm and the band started then. We were tired from the day, especially the kids, so we packed up and headed off through the crowds and back home.

It was a great day, even if Christina's car got abused. I mean, seriously, it's not your car, why are you leaning on it? And goodness, why are you letting your dog jump on it? Geez! And yes, it was HOT, but it was a good day! I'm glad I got to spend it with my friends!!


  1. I didnt even know Hawaii had polo matches, how fun!! Do you know when the next one is?

  2. Very nice! I can't wait for it to get warmer here.


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