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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Eight

I just got back from our big spouses club event of the year. It was a live and silent auction of donated baskets and wow, it was fun!

I headed over right after work, having changed in the back room by the printer (oh yeah). The event was well under way, and I wasn't even that late! The admission was a bit more than usual, but for a good cause. I met up with Christina and spent most of the time with her and the baby, plus our friend Michelle and her friend Claire.

Anyway, we walked around to look at the baskets. There were some NICE ones! But geez, most of them were expensive. I'm proud to say, for Brandon's sake, that I did not spend any money. I bid on a few things, like decorations and jewelry and cupcakes, but was outbid. Once by Christina. :P She let me have one of the cupcakes, though!

The food was great and the entertainment was awesome. The MC was Dita Holifield (or however you spell it) from the local country station. Christina and I had some time to stand around and chat with her. She was fun!!

The rest of the evening I spent walking around with Dominic as my arm cramped. I was hurting from kickboxing yesterday, but that's ok, he was super cute sleeping in my arms. I had to leave though... I'm exhausted!!

In other great news: I got a very belated birthday card from my little sister. It's pretty funny, of course.

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