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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Six

Hey all! I'm off enjoying R&R with Brandon!! Hope you enjoy a few guest posts! Today we have Annie from The Buzuleciu's in Hawaii

Hey everyone, I'm Jennifer from The Buzuleciu's in Hawaii, and I'm honored to be guest blogging for the fabulous Chantal while she's enjoying some lovey dovey time with Brandon! Since she and I are both in Hawaii, I decided to blog about my adventures of moving to the Aloha State and what its really like to live here!

Heres the timeline:

*Beginning of January 2010- Kevin and I are freshly engaged and planning our upcoming June wedding. Previously we were told that we had a "really good chance" of getting Germany.

*Mid-January 2010- Found out we weren't going to Germany. Super bummed but okay with staying in Va for a bit longer

*3rd week of January- Kevin is told he will get Hawaii if he re-enlists. He was re-enlisting anyway so he did and got preliminary orders. Jen gets the text "to buy a new bathing suit because we're going to Hawaii!!!!", jumps up and down at work in excitement over said text, and looks like a lunatic.

*April- Mia and Wyatt start their quarantine process at home (Hawaii is a rabies free state and has strict entry laws for pets, even if they are cute fat kitties like Mia and Wyatt).

*June- Got married :) and continued prepping for PCS.

*Beginning of August- Shipped Betty Jeep on the Armys dime. Kevin cries and is non consolable.

*End of August- Crazy packers come into house, put everything we own into boxes, and take off without saying goodbye. I teared up a bit, knowing this big move was real now.

*End of August/First few days of September- visit Kevins family in Ohio. Come back, send S.S. Sebring to Hawaii. Jen cries and is non-consolable. Spend a couple of days with Jen's folks, then its off to the airport for what will be the longest day ever.

*September 9, 2010- Check in for flight in Norfolk and put kitties on their flight (with a seperate airline). Jen cries again and is non consolable.

Finally after months of planning, Kevin and I arrived in Hawaii. That first day was long, and it took a couple of days to get used to the time change. We were only in the hotel for a month, which isn't bad! We were lucky enough to be offered a really nice home thats only 4 minutes from Kevins office!

Since we arrived here in September, I have come to realize that its definitely different living here than it is vacationing here. For instance, while it seems really nice to live in a tropical climate all year round, the seasons never change. Fall was the same as winter (minus all the rain!), and spring is just as warm as January. While I'm not complaining at ALL, wearing shorts and flip flops while watching the Super Bowl is just weird and takes some getting used to. When you vacation here, you're only here for a few days at a time, so the tropical-ness is really nice and a great break away from the norm for a bit. Then you go back to your seasons!

Secondly, is the time difference. When college football season starts (Go Buckeyes), we are 6 hours behind the folks on the east coast (where Kevin and I are both from). So when the Buckeyes have a noon game time, it starts at 6am here! Resteraunts and Bar & Grills are open that early serving breakfast for those coming in to catch the game. You definitely don't see that on the mainland! Kevin and I missed most of the games last year because 6am is too early for our blood on a Saturday! Again, this takes some getting used to!

The culture is different here, so much so sometimes that I feel like I live in a different country! Which is a good thing and a bad thing. In reality, some locals (not all, but some) really look down on mainlanders. I still have yet to figure out why, but its kind of uncomfortable sometimes. For the most part, folks are really nice out here and its not too bad. In Hawaii, the driving style is REALLY laid back, so people dont have a problem going 45 in a 55. This was a culture shock for me! Im used to going at least 5 over on interstate highways. Needless to say, it was pretty frustrating to get used to the slow drivers! The traffic here is insane, but we are near a major metropolitan US city (Honolulu) and theres over 800,000 residents on island (only 32 miles wide) at any given time, not including the thousands of vacationers that fly in every day!

Another thing thats different about living here is the constant threat of earthquakes and tsunamis, not to mention volcanic eruptions! Gotta love living in the ring of fire ;)

Other than that, Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL! We are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, beautiful flowers, and world famous beaches (my favorite part!). The local food is delicious here, shave ice is an amazing treat and the fact that its warm every day makes for alot of outdoor time!

Kevin and I love the scenery here and the culture (for the most part!). We have been given an amazing opportunity to live in a place where people only come maybe once in their lives, so we are taking advantage of it and enjoying all of what this wonderful place has to offer!

Head on over to my blog for pictures, as well as our day to day life here in Hawaii!

Thanks for letting me invade your blog, Chantal!!!! :)

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  1. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone besides myself say positive things about living in Hawaii!! The military aspect is whatever, but everything else is amazing, but then again you known I'm incredibly partial...haha :)


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