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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Nine

Woo! R&R was a rush! The time went slowly for us, thank goodness, and we packed our time full of stuff. We saw movies, ate at a bunch of restaurants, went shopping, and really just hung out with each other.

It wasn't weird at all to have him home. I went to the gate to pick him up and was racked by anxiety the whole time (and a couple days before) until he rounded the corner and I saw him. There he was, my husband. Taller than I remembered (he always is) and with the longer hair he promised me. But Brandon. The husband I remembered, my best friend. When we hugged and held hands, it was just the same as always. The whole time he was here was like he had never left. I'm so looking forward to when he gets back for good!

As I promised yesterday, I'll show you some highlights of R&R. I had to narrow down all my photos to only a few. Don't worry, you'll see more photos as time goes on. Now I have a whole new stock to go through!

I want to start with a big purchase we made. Since our washer was dying, we decided to buy a new one. And the matching dryer... I love them!

But other than that, we did a lot of stuff... Like go to the beach a lot.

Watch the sunset on a booze cruise.

Go on an awesome helicopter ride around the island!

Bike up a very steep hill together (with Dexy)

Go on a whale watch cruise

Drink A LOT of beer

Be silly :D

Dress up for a nice, last dinner together at Ruth's Chris

I loved having Brandon here! Today was back to work, of course. Ugh, it sucked. It was so busy and I was reminded about all the fun I was having with Brandon before. Blech!

Before I go, I wanted to send a BIG THANKS to my guest bloggers!! Thanks for keeping my blog interesting while I was off having some fun! I can't tell you enough how grateful I am. :D


  1. So glad you guys had a great time! The booze cruise, the beach- all of that sounds like so much fun!

  2. Yay for fun times and great photos! And those new gadgets, wow, those are sweet! I'm a fan of the longer hair, what do you think about it?

  3. Ooo love the washer and dryer! I'm kind of a nerd :P Glad your R&R was great! I'm visiting from Amanda's Saturday Around the World :D

  4. Yay for R&R. I"m lucky that husband isn't on deployment long enough for these but I bet they are great during long deployments :)
    I am visiting from Saturday around the world (a day late) and I am a new follower.

  5. Hi I have been following your blog. I am so happy you got to spend some time with your hubby. Looks like you guys had a great time together! :)

  6. Glad you guys had a blast! Thanks for letting Dexter hang out with us :)

    So I will be seeing you at spin on Tuesday??

  7. You two look like you had an amazing time together!! the new washer and dryer!!


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