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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Two Hundred Seventy-Three

Operation Flea Killing was a success.

I had a plan, outlined with times. This was today's schedule:

7:00am – Wake up, shower
7:30am – Start laundry
7:40am – Pick up poop, mow lawn, spray outside
8:30am – Move furniture, vacuum downstairs
9:00am – Drop Winston off at groomers
9:45am – Give Dexter flea medicine
10:00am – Bathe Dexter
10:20am – Drop Dexter off at Courtney’s
10:30am – EcoSmart arrives
12:00pm – Spray things
1:30pm - Pick up Winston
2:00pm – Give Winston flea meds

I followed it fairly well, actually. I didn't do the last step yet... but I will once this blog is done!!

I see SUCH an improvement already. Dexter has chewed and itched a bit, but hardly at all. I think I'm going to bathe him a few more times with the flea bath. You can never be too careful, right?

So after the flea stuff, I relaxed with some books and TV. Then I got a call from some people who wanted to buy my super big TV - Goliath!! After some difficulty trying to get them to my house (why can't people listen to my directions?) they decided to buy it. Finally!! I really hope they follow through and actually come to pick it up...

Oh, then I went to the pool with Christina and the boys. That was fun! They even gave me some dinner!

Now I'm off to watch my Netflix. When Brandon was here it screwed up my usual Wednesday-Saturday Netflix watching schedule. Back on track tonight!

And for fun... this is what Winston did the entire time we drove to the groomers:


  1. If you're using topical flea medicine (like frontline, advantix, etc) be careful with all the bathing. it can irritate his skin more than anything and make the problem worse. plus the stuff is absorbed into the dog's bloodstream so you don't want to overload the dogs with chemicals!

    i know fleas can be a pain, good luck getting rid of them!

  2. I used to work as a dog groomer, and the BEST thing for fleas is either Dawn dish soap or Old spice after hours soap(they smell MUCH better too!!). I think with the dawn, it strips all of the "glue" holding the fleas in place, but if they are covered, be prepared to use a lice comb. I saw some absolutey horrible cases, where fleas would be coming out of the animals noses. It broke my heart. and wash in between the toes and pads of the foot last, as the fleas tend to run and hide there! GOOD LUCK!


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