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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Six

I thought I'd sleep in this morning, because I hardly slept the night before. It sounded like a good idea, until I opened my eyes in the morning. The time? 7am. Of course.So I let Dex out and thought I'd try to sleep again, but it wasn't happening. Oh well!

After relaxing for a couple hours, I spent almost 3 hours cleaning my car. Not the outside, because it was raining, but the inside. See, I haven't vacuumed it since... well, since we moved here. That was awhile ago! It was filled with dog hair and sand, gross. I also Armor-All'd the dashboard and wiped down the windows. It looks pretty swanky in there! I know I don't HAVE to clean the car for Brandon, but I have to keep up the illusion that I'm taking care of things, right?

Most of the afternoon I hung out at Christina's house, since she came home this morning. I held Dominic for a bit, played with Marcus, and chatted with Michelle, who came over a couple hours after I was there. It was nice!

Back home it was Sims2, dinner, and now I'm watching a foreign film. Hard to read subtitles while doing other things!

I haven't heard much from Brandon the last couple of days. He's getting ready to head off and he's gone to another place, so our schedule is messed up. I hope he calls tonight or tomorrow morning!!

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