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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Seven

I'm glad Brandon called me this morning, because I was faced with a dilemma. See, the food in the house is my food. We're talking turkey, fish, carrots, apple sauce, plain yogurt, baby bell cheese... that sort of thing. Healthy food. Non-Brandon food. It occurred to me last night - I cannot remember what he eats! How sad is that? But I haven't had to grocery shop for both of us in over 8 months... like 9 months!

Luckily, he told me he isn't requesting much, except maybe some Oreo cookies. So Oreo's he gets!

He also told me some news on R&R flights. Looks like I need to find stuff to occupy my time for a bit longer. ;)

I did end up getting a pedicure today! Not without some anger and frustration to start with. First, when I left the house I got stuck in the traffic of an ending deployment ceremony - yuck. Then at the gas station, the pump kept releasing and would barely pump any gas for me. Then I got stuck in some more traffic right outside the pedicure place. AHHHH. Luckily the pedicure was nice and relaxing and I hung out with Christina, her mom and the boys.

After some Sims playing, I went back to her house with Dexter to chill. I spent much of the time with Dominic laying on my chest. He's such a sweet boy!

I'm loving this new Sims thing I'm doing, by the way. I made "Fraser's Ridge" from the Outlander Series, and have some of the characters there! I'm currently playing with Fergus and Marsali, and their four kids.

Oh God, I need Brandon to come home, don't I?


  1. You could always join me in step class at 9am tomorrow!!

    My face is like this :D For you and impending R&R!!

  2. Hey, I forgot to tell you. They featured Outlander on General Hospital the other day!

  3. I can totally relate on the food thing! I was so used to having super basic foods for my daughter and I, and now that my husband is home, I am having to get used to getting "husband" food, ha ha!!! SO so glad that R&R is almost here for you :)


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