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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Nine

After days of storms, you can imagine that when I woke up and saw light out my window, I was pretty happy! I let Dexter outside and had to take a picture of the beautiful blue sky!

I actually kept fairly busy today! I went to the farmer's market and to the outlet malls! I even got this cute t-shirt at Charlotte Russe. You know I have to buy something there every time I do! Of course, I did all this stuff with Christina, her mom and the boys.

I went back home for a few hours in the afternoon. I've been dealing with my stupid washer again... it's not draining!! My mom seems to think it's the pump. Boo!! Maybe I'll get a new washer...?

I had a yummy dinner at Christina's and stayed to watch some TV. I have a headache now though! Coming back home made me a little angry. First, the gate guard stopped me because my safety check is expired. Been expired since September, funny enough! Second, my stupid sunglasses broke in my purse! I just bought these ones!

I haven't heard from Brandon yet today. I wish I could hear some news!

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