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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Four

I dragged myself to spin class this morning and I was glad I did! I could've sat around waiting for a phone call from Brandon (that never came) or worked out with the time I had... working out it was. Jennifer and I spun our way through the hour and ended with some ab work. It was a great workout! I totally need to work on my abs, they have fallen into disrepair. ;)

On the way back to our cars we bumped into Sarah and another blogger friend. That was fun. :)

Not too long after spin class, I had to go to my waxing appointment! I'm beautifying myself for Brandon's arrival (whenever that may be). However, before leaving I strapped Dexter's collar on, and for some reason he was convinced that meant he was going with me.

I had to drag the poor guy back into the backyard. He seems to think that when I fill my water bottle we're leaving too. Weirdo.

Anyway, my waxing appointment went well. And yes, I got waxed down there. No, it doesn't hurt as bad as you think. :P I also got my eyebrows done, FINALLY, and I don't look like wolf-woman anymore. Thank goodness.

It took nearly an hour to get back home, normally a twenty minute drive. It was insane! I hit all kinds of traffic, the worse being the light to the gate. Bad bad bad. At least I had some good cd's to listen to.

The afternoon, I rested and relaxed. Christina said I could come over, but she said she had a fever and cough... so I decided to skip out. I don't want to get sick before Brandon arrives! I played some Sims (some = a lot) and took a break to go pick up my prescription. Dexter and I walked there to get some fresh air. He was the popular puppy! Everyone wanted to pet him. Afterwards, I went to the PX with Sarah and also picked up an early Subway lunch. Yum.

Now, it's Biggest Loser time! Can someone tell me why half my shows aren't airing this week? I know American Idol is in the way for Fox... but NBC too? Geez!

Oh, and btw, we're at 8 months. I can now say that my husband will be home for R&R THIS MONTH!


  1. Youre still far braver than I with the waxing thing! See you at Zumba on Thursday!!

  2. I'm so happy for you that hubby is coming home!


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