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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Five

My Day 45 started as I was typing Day 44. While I wrote, Christina was texting me, telling me that she was having contractions but she was hoping it was false labor. The night progressed and we kept in contact. I readied myself for bed and was settling in with my book when she texted me one last time: you better come over.

I got to work! I changed from my jammies, packed up stuff for me and Dexter, and was out the door as quick as I could! I dropped Dexter off at Jennifer's - thanks so much!! Then it was off to Christina's, who was having closer and closer contractions. Yikes. We had to rush around packing bags for her and Marcus, since she hadn't gotten anything ready yet. Then we woke Marcus up and got him over to another friend's house (thanks Bonnie-Jean!) and were racing off to the hospital!!

We got to the hospital around 11pm. We were put in a triage room to be initially examined while she had some big contractions. When the doctor came in she was already 7cm! She did so well getting through the contractions, though, because they were coming quick and strong.

So around 11:45 we were finally given a delivery room. She wanted to walk there because sitting hurt too much, and on the way she had a three contractions and began feeling pressure. When we got to the room she sent me off to the car to get the laptop we forgot there.

And you know what happened while I was gone? She gave birth! I came back up and they told me. Wow! And you know how? She was leaning on the bed going through another contraction when she felt something happening. The doctors and nurses didn't believe her at first, but then a moment later they were like "Oh my god! The head!" And a doctor reached out and caught the baby as he came out. Yep, she gave birth standing up, without pain meds or anything. What a trooper!!

The rest of the night was a blur of adrenaline, videos, pictures, text messages, crying baby, happy baby, and tiredness. We were moved down to the Mother-Baby Ward around 3am and finally got to sleep at 3:30am. We only slept a couple hours before waking up!

Without further ado... meet Dominic Michael Sturzinger, born at 11:58pm on March 1, 2011. He weighed 6 lbs 15.5 oz and was 20 in long!

Isn't he so cute?


Christina and the baby. She looks great!

Today I spent the morning letting our two dogs run around together and taking a nap. Sorry if there are a lot of typos! I'm running of minimal sleep! Then in the early afternoon I had to get Marcus, pick up Christina's mom (who took a flight a day early!), and spent the rest of the time at the hospital.

Wow!! WHAT A DAY! I'm very excited that this little guy decided to make an appearance. He was only 6 days early, is healthy and happy, and looks nothing like his older brother. Marcus is very interested in him, by the way. I'm exhausted!

Side note: If you said you'd write a guest blog, try to have it to me by the end of the week!

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