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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty-Eight

Stilllll waaaaiiittttiinnngg. Ok, I'm not complaining. I don't mind waiting, I've been waiting for over 8 months, for 248 days. What's a few more days? Brandon called me today at an unusual time and gave me some more details.

I opened the door to this today:

They didn't want to follow the labels! Haha. Everything is fine inside. Sorry, I'm not telling you what's inside yet. It's secret!

When Brandon called, I tried to tell him what I did all day. What did I do?! Ok, I went to the grocery store today, I played Sims, I reorganized the junk drawers in the kitchen, I read a bit! I even found time to hang out at Christina's house and play a board game!

This evening was great, though. I headed out with Jennifer to Panda Express, then we met Michelle at the movies to see The King's Speech. Great movie! We chatted a bit too before I headed home. I'm all awake now!

I have some hope, though, courtesy of a fortune cookie!


  1. That fortune is insane!!!
    Very true :) so coincidental!

  2. ALMOST THERE!! And how weird is it that you got the fortune. That is awesome. I always get the stupid ones. LOL.


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