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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Eight

Hey all! I'm off enjoying R&R with Brandon!! Hope you enjoy a few guest posts! Today I bring you Sarah from G.I. Joe's Wife


R&R is like intermission for deployment. It’s a short, 2 (ish) week break from the reality SUCK that is deployment. For them, it’s a break from the nasty desert and crazy work hours. For us, it’s a huge sigh of relief – just knowing they’re safe and sound where they belong.

I know that Chantal is beyond relieved and excited to have her hubby home for a couple weeks! She’s waited much longer than the rest of us for R&R to arrive! I honestly don’t know how she’s made it this long. Theoretically, we’ve had the same wait time… It’s just that she had to wait longer to get her break. If that made any sense. Moving on.

Joe (that’s my hubby) and I had our R&R back in December. He was supposed to be in Hawaii for Christmas, but as we all know, things change. About 2 days before he was supposed to leave, someone mentioned to him that he was on the next R&R slot. Both of us were upset, but there wasn’t just a whole lot we could have done. (Though Joe says he could have taken it up with his 1SG.) He ended up getting here on December 2nd, and we spent a wonderful two weeks together.

Let me just tell you (though some of you may know), there is nothing – and I mean nothing – like this moment. I thought I could hold in all my excitement and just walk slowly to him… Nope. I ran. And then I promptly “tackled” him. It was absolutely amazing. I laughed; I cried. We kissed; we hugged.

Absolutely amazing.

The thing about R&R is that you can just relax and be yourself…around your other half. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like something is missing when he’s gone. I can be happy and content, but something just doesn’t feel complete without him. So, we spent two weeks doing things like…

Chillin’ out at the beach…

Being very silly. =P

And going on dates. =)

It also involved both of us getting colds, me “dying” from said cold, being holed up in the house because of colds and insane Hawaii rain, and playing silly games on the Wii. We also celebrated Christmas early. We’d planned on celebrating it together, but the Army had different plans for us. I would have loved to spend Christmas with him in Hawaii, but I don’t think I would trade a single minute of the time we had together.

It was a very welcome break from the monotony and suck of the daily deployment life. I know that Chantal will have a great time with her husband while he’s home! It’s definitely a well-deserved break. =)

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