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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Two

I had a doctor's appointment early this morning, my favorite time. I was going to just get new prescriptions for the pills that had expired, but I used the time with my doctor (who I think is awesome, btw) to run down the list of complaints. I came home with an arsenal of different drugs and topical creams, plus a trial inhaler to see if it'll help with my breathing when I run.

Today was a normal day at work. Well, sort of. Because of the rain and other unforeseen circumstances, we had to do a ton of refunds. I think I did 10 or 11. That's just in one day, when normally we have a refund maybe once a week.

So I started a new running program. Yeah, I know, I start a lot of things! I discovered that my feet hurt more when I'm running intervals because I have to stop. I started the Couch to 5k program, or at least a variation of it. I skipped the first two weeks because I can run further than 2 minutes at a time and started today at 6 minutes. It felt great! I think the inhaler helped a bit too because I wasn't hacking up my lungs when I got home.

While on my run, I heard the rumble of a Mustang engine and it made me smile, thinking of Brandon. I miss him so much!

Happy Day 222 :)


  1. I did couch to 5k, I got to week 6 and we moved and things got hectic. I think I need to pick it back up.

  2. Good luck with your running. I wish I could do it without wanting to pass out.


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