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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three

It was very nice to have a day off, especially such a beautiful warm day considering it's been raining for the last two days. I started with Spin class with Jennifer and almost died - it was great! Haha. And then I got a haircut!

Let me tell you, I love getting haircuts. If I could, I'd get one ever month. That gets pricey, though. My hairdresser is great. She's very friendly and does an awesome job. My hair looks great even after 3-4 months! So today I decided not to cut my hair short. I usually cut it into a nice bob cut, about chin length, and Brandon groans and moans because he wants me to have long Evangeline Lilly hair. Yeah, right. I only cut off like half an inch, with a bit more on the back to make it A-line. Oh, and I got my bangs back!

In the car after my haircut

In the bathroom at home!

I spent the afternoon with Christina, shopping of course! Our first stop was the outlet mall. For some reason, it wasn't that busy (which is odd), so we wandered around a lot of stores, like all the kid clothes stores and Charlotte Russe. I got some new sunglasses too! We dropped by Godiva for our free monthly chocolate. Delicious!

We also stopped at Costco on the way back home so I could use my coupons. I bought some Snapware since I'm in need of new food storage containers. Back at her house we had some Costco pizza (adding to the BK we had earlier. Bad food day!) and hung out before I came back home.

Oh, I loaded Sims2 onto Brandon's computer. I didn't have time to play before my shows started though!

Check out one of the Valentine's Day gifts Brandon sent me. It's a Domo. Not sure what it does, but it's super cute and totally me!


  1. haha i love the sims2! as you mentioned in a previous blog, your computer wouldn't cut on. My won't either, but I had to cut myself off from playing the sims, or I will literally play it all day long! haha

  2. You look fabulous chickadee!! Love the new cut :)

  3. Yeah, I could probably play Sims all day long, too. I love your haircut! The bangs look totally cute on you; I don't have enough time/patience/skill to deal with bangs on my head. And that little stuffed animal (?) is so cute!


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