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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven

This is a picture heavy post... but you'll be glad you read to the end!!

I had one of the best days I've had in a long time. It was so amazing! Read on. :D

I started the day by finishing up a short story for a competition, which was due today. I'm very happy for how it turned out. As I was drying my hair later, the doorbell rings. On the other side? An Edible Arrangement!

Gift #5. Brandon assures me that no more are arriving. I've become very spoiled this year! I want to let you guys know, this is unusual... but I like it. ;)

Today, Christina had Marcus in free childcare from 9-2, so we took advantage of the time for just ourselves and decided to go down to Honolulu. We went to the big, nice mall there, shopping at some of our favorite stores. We had lunch here:
You'll find out why soon.

Back at rainy Schofield, we attended a Fitness Expo. We got a bunch of free swag and both one prizes! Christina won an ab machine and I won $25 to the commissary. Not too shabby.

The big excitement came this evening when we attended a free concert for the Lt Dan Band. It was wonderful!!
We saw Gary Sinise UP CLOSE.

Wait, who's that beside Gary?

Yeah, that's me!! They pulled a bunch of us onstage to dance and of course, I had to do it. After the dancing we began to file off and people started getting pictures with him. I whipped my phone out and CLICK! I was shaking with excitement.
One of the singers. They are all amazing!
Aaaaand Marcus fell asleep. Poor kid had a few meltdowns, he was so tired.
Another singer and Lt Dan!
Talking about how awesome the military is.

This poor guy got pulled onstage while he was just pulling security. Two of the woman singers serenaded him with 'Natural Woman'
The entire band!!

It was an OMG kind of day. It was just fantastic. Really no low point. Maybe the fact that I didn't sleep well the night before because of my sugar high? But I had good dreams!!

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  1. OMG, the concert was AMAZING! I didnt get any pictures of poor MP guy but that was hilarious! I hope they come back soon, because next time...IM GETTING ONSTAGE :)

    Oh, and Brandon needs to stop sending you stuff...its making the other husbands look bad!!! Haha j/k, Im just jealous lol

  2. AHHHH! You were on stage! Great photos! That's so exciting! And Edible Arrangements, yum!

  3. So cool! That sounds like an amazing day indeed!

  4. oh WOW! awesome day! and gary sinese! i'm not such a big fan of forest gump, but i <3 gary! (the stand, CSI:NY, mmmm!) i'm so glad you got pictures, too! : )

  5. That's fun! We saw Lt. Dan Band last fall at Fort Richardson in Alaska!


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