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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-One

I consider myself pretty self-sufficient. I can repair things (for the most part), I can take care of a home (for the most part), and while I rely on Brandon for a lot of things, I can manage without him. But gosh darn it, we're hitting that point in the deployment where everything is falling apart, and I can't do anything about it! Here's a run down of my issues:

1. My bumper isn't completely on my car anymore. I can't pop it back on myself. This isn't a new development, btw. It's been like this since November. Sorry Brandon!

2. Burnie, Brandon's Mustang, won't start anymore. Battery is dead. I've jumped it too many times and now he's just chilling in the garage. Again, this has been since October. Sorry!

3. A cabinet door under the sink is hanging on its hinge. Maintenance guy says it's termites. Great.

4. The kitchen light won't turn on anymore.

5. The wall is separating from the landing on the stairs. Maintenance doesn't seem to be concerned.

6. There's a tree growing in my backyard.

7. My desktop computer won't turn on. I couldn't play Sims last night :(

8. Sometimes the automatic window controls on my drivers side door don't work, so I can only roll down my window but none of the others.

9. Sometimes the washing machine leaks water.

So yeah... I need Brandon home!

It was very rainy today: A perfect day to get some chores done and watch the Super Bowl with friends! I started the day early by getting to the grocery store when it opened. That way I could take my time and enjoy myself. When I got home i chatted with Brandon for a bit and then got to cleaning! I spent over 2 hours cleaning. I just have to say, it looks pretty awesome in here.

Then it was Super Bowl time! I'm not a football watcher but I'm beginning to appreciate the sport. I still like baseball and hockey better... The Super Bowl is a good time to hang out, though! We all got together at Christina's for a bunch of junk food and the game. We were cheering on the Packers and I'm happy that they won!

It was back home through the rain! I'm working on a short story right now for a competition I joined... I hope it goes well!

If you want to be a guest blogger during R&R, let me know!


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I felt like everything started falling apart a month or so before J came home. LOL. I actually had to call my FIL to find out what to do about my car, 3 DAYS before J came home!!!

    Hang in there girl, not too much longer. Good luck with your short story!

  2. Oh my, Im sorry all of that stuff is happening!! Some solutions:

    1)duck tape for the bumper
    2)Burnie will be okay as soon as he gets a new battery :)
    3)Thats just ghetto. Termites in a brand new home?!?!? I would soooo complain. Alot.
    4)Again, complaint. The wiring to the lights shouldnt be bad.
    5)WTH? If you tell them youre going to JAG, they'll care!!
    6)How big is the tree?? I have a hand saw if you need some help!!
    7) I have the Sims, you can come over anytime you need a Sims fix :)
    8)Bad fuse maybe??
    9)Eek, bad washer!!

    Hope these helped, if all else, Brandon will be home in a few short weeks :D

  3. Ugh that sucks. I can so relate. Why does the broken-down fairy visit all at once? Can't it just come in little spurts every now and again? I hope you find some solutions or at least a good stress reliever!

  4. My washer is leaking water, too. I try to remember not to wear socks by it (so they don't get wet). It does sound like he's needs to be home like now so you list stops growing.

  5. I find that if you're handy, you just get bigger problems. Is there anyone else who can help you out? A friend or family member?


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