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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine

Hi Brando.
It's me, Chantal.
Today is Valentine's Day; the day of love, the one day of the year where we really stop to recognize each other amidst the chaos of life. Sure, every day should be a love day... but today is the love day.
So hey, I love you!

Thanks for the gifts, by the way!
I made everyone jealous because I kept talking about how you spoil me. You really do spoil me! But I spoil you sometimes, too. We just like to buy each other gifts.
I kept reassuring people that this year was unusual, that I didn't get this kind of treatment on V-day.
Our first one, I got the diamond necklace that I still wear now.
Last year? My Swatch!
Thanks, love!

And now, without further ado, I give you...
Brandon & Chantal Through the Years
(because sometimes we need to be reminded how cute we are together, huh?)

One of our first pictures together. So young! So thin!
Our first kissing picture. Sorta.
This was our trip to the Sand Dunes the weekend after we got engaged. I rolled down a dune. We got attacked by mosquitos. It was fun!
At your commissioning - ah I looked good in uniform.
You do, too. ;)
Happy Marriage-Day!
On our honeymoon. You sure love that waterproof camera.
You left right after the honeymoon, but I visited you in Washington! That was a good trip!
Sometime later, we lived in Georgia.
I shot you in the back. I win.
Hey, we live in Hawaii now!
Remember the German-looking woman who was dancing like a Hawaiian? She was funny.
Happy Valentine's Day, Notes!!



  1. Awww I love this post!!! Y'all are so stinkin' cute together!!

    Yeah, Brandon we were all jealous of your gazillion gifts, but dont mind us :)

  2. Girl, that was such a sweet post. What fun pictures to look at to throughout all those times in your life! Happy (belated) Valentines day!


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