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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five

Today we had a joint spouse's club luncheon, which was held down at the other Army post on the island. Before I left, I submitted a short-short story to a Writer's Digest contest - wish me luck!

The luncheon was a lot of fun! We played Bunco (a dice game, for those who don't know), ate some barbecue style food, and won some prizes. I actually ended up buying stuff... I got a little crazy this luncheon.

Along with some Scentsy bars, I bought this beautiful ring!

Hanging out with Sarah and Jennifer

Christina: "You know, you talk about me a lot but you never have pictures of me!"
Chantal: *click*

I won some chocolate covered macadamia nuts. DELICIOUS.

After the luncheon, we headed back up to Schofield. I hung out with Christina for a couple more hours. We put together her double stroller! It looks nice!

Not much happened the rest of the night. I tried working on my short story (that's due on Saturday, btw) but my mind is being dumb. Stop procrastinating, mind! Now I'm watching TV... like usual. ;)

Oh! I got another Valentine's package from Brandon! The gifts keep rolling in. He spoils me waaaayyy too much and I like it!


  1. I had a great time with you guys! You were all blinged out with that ring :)

  2. Stupid hair!! I'm still frustrated. =P Lol!

    I'm so glad you got that ring. It really is pretty.

  3. wow, pretty ring! I'm actually excited to get involved in a spouse's club. overall, have you found it to be helpful and positive? I've heard so many negative things about FRGs so I'm wondering about the spouse's clubs. I'm just trying to think of ways to meet people when we PCS to our first duty station because I'll be far away from family and I won't know anyone else! But I guess that's the norm in military life lol


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