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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Six

Brandon, with his extreme superpowers, fixed the surround sound while we chatted on the phone this morning. He said, "The first thing I would do is see if the subwoofer is touching anything." So I did, and it was. I moved it. Now it works. Yay Brandon!

Christina and I went to the zoo this morning! I had never been to the zoo here. It was nice. The weather outside is very "voggy," meaning hazy, whiteish, like fog pretty much but caused by the volcano. That made it muggy and humid. We were both sweating just walking around the zoo! I miss dry weather, though I shouldn't complain about being in Hawaii. :P

Marcus was looking cool in his hat and sunglasses. He only kept them on until we walked into the zoo.

The giraffes are my favorite!! At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in CO, you can actually pet and feed the giraffes. It's cool!

In the gift shop, I had to try on some hats.
Pursed lips! I'm on a safari!

I'm a shark!

I'm a crocodile!!

After the zoo, we headed across the highway to Le Crepe Cafe, a little restaurant where they make only crepes. We eat these crepes at the farmer's market all the time and months ago I had bought a Groupon for the place. Since we never make it down to that area, we had to go! (It was that or Whole Foods. Tough decision!)

We both got the monthly special, called the Elvis Special. OMG, DELICIOUS. It was peanut butter, nutella, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. It was heaven on earth.

Back home, Jennifer came over to help me cut down Mervin, my huge tree growing in the backyard. I forgot to take pictures, whoops. Christina came to hang out too and let Marcus run around my backyard. After the job was done (and it looks good too) we played some Wii and spent time chatting. A nice day!

I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society last night. Crap! Now I don't have a fiction book to read! Should I start my next one or try to finish this George Bush book so I'm just done with it?


  1. Those darn volcanos! We got that once in Japan too. Hazards of living on an island!!!

  2. We could power through Bush's book together. =P I actually like reading it...but it's just not as fun as a romance-y historical fiction book! One of these days I WILL finish it! Preferably before Joe gets back. Lol

  3. I work at a place with a ballroom and tonight we are doing a catering open house to showcase different options for tables, linens, food, etc. One station we are featuring is late night options for weddings and we are having a peanut butter and jelly display (apparently it's the new hip thing to do haha). One of the PB&J's we are featuring is The Elvis...but it has bacon on it! Your Elvis looks delicious though :)

  4. Giraffes are my favorite zoo animal, too. When I go pick up OccDoc we're going to make a point of getting to the Mountain Zoo to geed the giraffes. We fed giraffes at our wedding reception (held at a zoo). They kept going after OccDoc's flower - it was hilarious.

    I am so hungry for a crepe!!!


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