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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Nine

Twelve years ago today, my mom drove my sisters and I across the border from Canada to Vermont. I was wearing an Olympic hat because that year they had some cool hats and everyone got them. True story. As we were crossing the border my mom told me to take it off. I fought her a bit, but then I resigned. Oh well.

We ended up somewhere in Vermont at some official government office. My sister and I were being sworn in as Americans - naturalized citizens of the USA. I still have my citizenship paperwork (I better not lose it!) with an ugly photo of my 11 year-old self and a cute cursive signature on the bottom. Once it was all said and done, we (little sister and I) both got letters from President Clinton welcoming us into the country. What did I say?

"This isn't his real signature, it's a photocopy!" My mom nearly died there!

So yeah, I've been anticipating this day for a little while now. This day marks me being almost exactly half Canadian and half American! I guess the real half date will be on my birthday in about 5 weeks, but today is my Citizenship Day. Soon, I'll be more American than Canadian. That's ok with me though ;)

I had an awesome day, by the way. I guess it wasn't anything out of ordinary... but it was good. Except for my freaking Netflix disc not working...

I helped Christina at the hospital today, watching Marcus in the waiting room. She's due in 11 days!! She wanted me there just in case something happened so I could take care of Marcus. Everything went well though! We then had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and shopped around the NEX for a bit. Back home, we let the dogs chase each other (she's watching another friend's crazy pug puppy), and picked out outfits for her maternity photo shoot tomorrow.

I came home and just hung out, really. I'm feeling kind of tired!


  1. Happy Citizenship Day!!! Stop by my blog, I gave you an award!! :D

  2. Very cool! You're half and half, that is cute!

  3. Too funny, sounds like something Forest Gump would have done, hahah!


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