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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Four

Yay! 150 followers!! Welcome to my blog!

I feel kind of bad, coming on 150 followers. I read and follow a lot of blogs but I've found I comment less and less these days. I really don't read half the blogs, even my favorites, but skim them for interesting notes before moving on. This has to stop! Either I need to concentrate more or weed down my reading list. I think tomorrow I will read and comment on every blog I open. I plan on it!

Otherwise... today was a good day. I worked, it was sorta busy, but that's ok. I got kinda annoyed by all the people coming in at the end of the day until I met my shoe twin. She has the same Vibrams AND the same Sanuk's! She also hates pink. Soul mate? ;)

We had our usual Saturday dinner tonight, as a belated Valentine's dinner. I made a pork tenderloin, Sarah brought a yummy fruit salad, Michelle provided mashed potatoes, and Christina served delicious wine (of which I drank too much) and a red velvet cake. It was great! We also played Bezzerwizzer and just had fun chatting. Courtney made an appearance later after sadly dropping her husband off at the airport. :( I'm so looking forward to Brandon coming home, but not saying bye again!

And now I'm going to start Season 4 of The Tudors, which just came in the mail today!!


  1. Comment on everything? Wow, I try to comment on half of all the blogs I open for a day. I'm glad you found your shoe twin. :)

  2. I am also getting bad about commenting. I have so many blogs in my reader that I tend to skim over a lot of them when I see 95 "new". I will star the ones I want to come back to and comment on but then by the time I get a chance to go over my starred list it's been a couple weeks and ccommenting would be pointless.

    Anyway, don't feel bad about the comments, we all go through periods where life is just too chaotic. And we all understand how consuming R&R can be.

    By the way, of all the blogs I follow I see a lot of people (myself included) making plans/goals to do something through deployment. Some people make it, most don't (me included). One of the biggest things I noticed about you is that you have stuck to your goal of "one blog a day" throughout. You don't complain about it, you just do it. There are a few others out there that have stuck to their goals as well (namely the Project Gratitude Girls) but I just think it's great that you kept it going. I've been following since you were only in the double digits, I remember your struggle over how to number the triple digit posts. Haha.

    Keep it up, and don't worry about the commenting, we know you're good for it, lol.

  3. I have a hard time commenting on everyone I read as well! I did have to scale down my reading though...there are a few i check every day, and then I usually just skim through my list of others and try to catch up with a few different ones every week. it's not a perfect system, but trying to manage real life and blog life is hard sometimes, and I've learned that moderation is key!! :)

  4. I follow lots of blogs too and a majority of them are crafting blogs. If the title or picture doesn't grab my attention as a potential project, I don't even read it...

    I need to take inspiration from you and comment on a few more blogs than I do. LOL.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


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