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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five

Have you ever read The Five Love Languages? I read it about a year ago and took the test; come to find out, my love language is Physical. Huh! It makes sense, though. A hug can make my day, a good back rub will make me forget my anxieties and stress, and I love to cuddle.

Obviously, being Physical doesn't work so well with Brandon on the other side of the world. For the last 235, almost 8 months, I've suppressed those feelings and any thoughts of hugs and kisses, rather successfully, I might add. Except in the last week as each day brings me closer to seeing my husband, those thoughts I've pushed back are coming back full force. It's nice, sure, but it's also kind of bad. I'm just so looking forward to hugging Brandon that time is slowing down. I can't keep thinking these thoughts!

In other news.... my blog commenting goal today? I did it! Luckily Sunday produces less blogs than normal, so I was let off easy. I did run into a couple issues with my internet cookies not letting me comment... hmm...

Also, my driver side window controls have ceased working. Great, can't roll down my windows. Oh, and I think one of the speakers or the subwoofer is blown out on the surround sound. I don't even watch TV that loudly! Everything is falling apart!

As for today, it was a nice day off. I went on a bike ride, browsed through the Farmer's Market, hung out with Christina and made a friendship bracelet, played some Sims, finished watching Disc 1 of Season 4 of The Tudors, and cleared my DVR list! Score.


  1. I love that book along with the LOVE Dare based on the movie "Fire Proof" These books are essential keys to an amazing marriage good pick :)

  2. Love that book! OccDoc and I are both Quality Time followed by Physical Touch. Quite a match, and we're lucky to find someone who 'speaks' our language.

  3. I LOVE this book! i agree with the above comment about the love dare also! there is a 365 day love dare book that challenges you to do little things and focus on scripture everyday together. I honestly think that these books and a couple other (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts and 10 Questions Every Couple Should Ask) are what helped My hubby and I get through our first REALLY tough year married (loss of a child, death of 3 other loved ones, etc.). And, we did them all while he was on his deployment...HIS idea....he thought they would keep us emotionally connected thousands of miles away:-)

  4. I've been wanting to read that book forever!! I'll have to check it out when I'm done with my super duper long list of books that I have sitting downstairs!

  5. I remember that book and how intriguing it was for me. I couldn't really figure out what my love language was, and sometimes wondered if I had any at all. But I found ideas and learned more about my friends and family through reading it. Great book! :)


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