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Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Two Hundred Forty

R&R is approaching! Do you want to help me out with a guest blog?

When Christina picked me up this morning, she said, "Did you know you had a couple FedEx packages at your door?" Why, no I didn't! It doesn't help that I rarely use my front door since we park in the back. I wonder how long they were there!

Anyway, one box had my edited manuscript, thanks to a lovely friend I met in Georgia. I need to dig into that! The other bag contained a prize that I had won off a blog contest! Cool!!

This morning I went to the North Shore to help Christina with a maternity photo shoot. It was so nice to sit in the sun and feel the water on my feet. I miss the beach so much, but never find time to go! Plus, my beach-going buddy is in a whole different sandy place.

Anyway, the photo shoot went well and I'm sure she got some great pictures. We even had Marcus join in the fun! He wouldn't smile, of course. ;)

A shot down the beach. So much better in person!

Beautiful water and reef.

I live in Hawaii!! I can't believe it sometimes!

We stopped at Kono's in Haleiwa for a breakfast burrito (for Christina) and banana macadamia waffles (for me!).

I headed over to Christina's house afterwards with the dog so she could go with Courtney to Costco. I was "watching" Marcus while he slept, and I worked on some spouse's club stuff. When they got home, we chatted a bit until Courtney decided to get the carseat she was looking at... so they went back! All the while, I chilled, watched TV and yelled at the dogs. It was kind of nice. :)

Then tonight we went to go see Showstoppers with the Blue Star Card program. It was basically a show with a bunch of musical numbers of famous Broadway musicals. It was good, but got kind of tiring after song after song after song. I'm glad to be home now and am extremely tired, I can barely type properly!


  1. what kind of guest blogs were you thinking? what would you like the topic to be on? i will gladly post for you:-)

  2. I keep forgetting to tell you that I'll guest blog for you while Brandon is home. =P Any particular topic you'd like me to post about?

  3. Great pics, looks like you are having a fun time. Congrats on the blog prizes and edit :O)

  4. I would gladly do a guest post for you! And I'm uber jealous that you live in Hawaii. I'm DYING to go back!

  5. Yay for R&R! I'm excited for you! And I'm so jealous that you live in HI, although after living in CA for so long I'm tired of the sunshine and would probably complain if I lived there. lol

  6. Yay for getting a FedEx package, I love that feeling :) If yous still need a guest blogger I would be happy to help out :)

  7. ooh, R&R is getting clossser! yay! let us know what you think of the movies - i really liked the jensen project but haven't seen the other one yet. : )

  8. I'll totally blog for you just let me know what your looking for.

    Did I mention I wish we were stationed there?


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