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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Two Hundred Eighteen

These shoes are miracle shoes.

Before buying these shoes I couldn't walk a mile without pain, let alone run a mile.

See, at the beginning of sophomore year of college, I started getting a pain in the arch of my left foot. I thought it was my new shoes, so I ignored it. A few months later I was training to do Bataan, which is a memorial marathon that our ROTC would do. While running down a hill (in uniform, in my boots, after running/walking for like 10 miles) I felt a shooting pain in my left foot. That weekend, after trying to deal with the immense pain, I went to the doctor's - it was a stress fracture. That was the end.

I returned to running a few weeks later but my arches were never the same. It was like that event threw them off. My left foot burned, my right foot ached, I had shooting pains up my legs when I ran more than half a mile: I had plantar fasciitis. I spent two years fighting this thing with physical therapy, a cast on one foot (to see if stabilizing it would help), and eventually, surgery on both feet. It was looking up during recovery and I started getting back into running... but then the pain started. After 4 years of ROTC, I couldn't be commissioned.

Anyway, sad story over!

I stopped running, but I never forgot about it. I don't love running, but I liked it, and I missed it. These shoes have changed that! I went on a run today. Instead of doing intervals, I decided to just run. So I ran for 8 minutes before stopping, walked for a couple minutes, then ran for another 5, and then walked a bit, then sprinted home. It felt amazing. My muscles kind of hurt now though! Haha.

I had a good day, for what it's worth. :)


  1. They also work well when hiking!!!
    Im glad youre able to get out and run again :)
    PS- we should go hiking again real soon!

  2. These shoes are awesome! I really want a pair. Hubby does too! LOL.

  3. My hubby loves his! He keeps trying to get me to buy a pair for myself. I tell him when he gets home I will :)

  4. my hubs has bee debating getting these. he wants to, but is afraid to b/c he has planter's faceitis (sp?). he is afraid they would exacerbate the PF.....let me know how your feet are doing in a month or so please:-) cause if you are still going wel, I will let him know, and maybe he will get them:-)


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