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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Two Hundred Three

I ate entirely too many calories today. I was going to start tracking my calorie intake again but today... not so much. We had this big potluck at work because one of our coworkers is moving to another job. We celebrate with food! There was a fantastic array of kalua pig, meatballs, noodles, cake, jello, bread, spinach dip, spanakopita (my contribution), and some other stuff. Yeah, I ate allll day at work.

So when I got home, I decided to go on a run. It is Wednesday, after all. I have to say, it was an amazing workout. After about ten minutes my left foot started to hurt but I pushed through! I ran faster and longer than I have in a long time. It was great!

Today I researched some information on a Masters degree (#46 on my 101 in 1001! I'm not scratching it off yet though.) I've been looking at getting my Masters in Museum Studies. Ever since I got my BA in History I've been looking at what to do with it. Well, I've always been very interested in museums and thought I needed a Masters in History for it, but I guess not! I'd probably have to do it online because they only offer certificates here, and anyway, I wouldn't want to go to the University of Hawaii. If I was on the mainland it would be a different story.. but right now, online Masters only.

After some digging I fell in love with a program. It sounds so great. It's a part-time program, so 1 or 2 classes per semester. I would need 10 courses to finish. 9 of these courses are online and 1 course is an intensive 2-week on-site study in Washington, D.C. *drool*. You have up to five years to finish the program, so you can take your time if you need to. I'd try to do it in 2 years or so.

Here's the caveat... it's at Johns Hopkins University.

The name ring a bell? Check out the Wikipedia page and their website. It's a GOOD school. A great one. One that would look nice on a resume (not that I'd go there just for that). But with prestige comes price, right? That's what is keeping me back. I can go get my Masters, sure, but we have to pay for it. And I'm definitely never getting school loans again, not after what happened with my BA.

Anyway, it's something I have to discuss with Brandon and crunch some numbers... and maybe look at other places. But wouldn't it be so cool?


  1. The Museum Studies program sounds awesome, doesnt it?? Johns Hopkins though-awesome school, but not cheap :/
    Its tough looking for schools with bachelors/masters programs that are entirely online! Good luck with your search :)

  2. This sounds like a dream program! I've recently been researching funding options for my masters. Why must higher education cost an arm and a leg?

  3. I had a teaching assistantship and research assistantship during grad school. I worked my tail off, but wasn't drowning in debt when I got my masters.

    Oh, and spinach dip sounds soooo good right now.

  4. Thanks for sharing! That program sounds amazing!


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