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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirteen

Everyone's sick. I'm sick, half my friends are sick, all their kids are sick... everyone! So because of sickness, we didn't have our Saturday dinner tonight. Geez, missed out on making some cookies and eating pizza. We also had to reschedule Christina's baby shower from tomorrow to next Saturday. Ah well.

I had the opportunity to skip out on work today. My boss called yesterday to see if I was still sick and whether I wanted the day off. I said nope, feeling better, I'd rather work. What? Chantal would rather work? I was feeling better, though not 100%, and well... I don't mind working Saturdays. I like working Saturdays. When Brandon's not here, anyway. Saturday's are shorter days, there are way less people, and well... I can do what I want. ;) So we chatted and I read. It was nice.

Afterwards, I went on a walk with Courtney. Back home, I started some laundry, made a tasty fajita dinner, and sat down to watch a Netflix. It's nice!

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  1. oh no! Sickeness is NO fun!! Get better soon!!


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