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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Two Hundred Six

It's hard to believe another week has passed. I see the "R&R Month" creeping closer and I'm getting more and more excited!

The most exciting part of my day (since I worked...) was Saturday Dinner, hosted by Michelle! After work I grabbed Dexter and went to Christina's to carpool. I left the dog there to play with hers. It was Michelle, Courtney, Christina and I there tonight, and of course, all the babies. Michelle made a delicious dinner of salmon and wild rice, with some Caesar salad by Courtney and White Zinfandel by Me! Christina topped off our meal with a yummy chocolate cake thing.

Though the best part has to be just talking to everyone. I'm so grateful to have such a great group of friends.

I just got home a few minutes ago, turned on my Norah Jones station on Pandora (my relaxing nighttime music) and thought I'd catch up on internet stuff. I can sleep in tomorrow! Not that I will. I think tomorrow I'll go on a bike ride with Dexter and do a little workout by myself. Oh, and I want to read.

I've been depressed the last few nights. There's something my friends don't know haha. Actually, Brandon doesn't even know. It's not unusual for me... my depression works in cycles and I'm coming down off a manic period right now. Hm, maybe that's where all that let's-get-stuff-done energy came from. I just have feelings of jealousy, anger, melancholy, and more, seeping into my thoughts. Not much I can do except push through!

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