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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Two Hundred Nine

I could talk to you about when Brandon is coming home (heard some optimistic dates, but I'm not telling you anything!)

I could tell you about my day at work.

I could tell you about the Casino Night I attended today with Christina where I cleaned up (for me anyway) at Texas Hold'Em and won a mini food chopper...

and a gym bag...

Instead, I'm going to tell you about Glory.

This is Glory. He's Brandon's (yes, my husband) beanie baby. His tag says he was born on July 4th, 1997. He was sitting cozy in the cubby in Brandon's dresser since we had moved here, pretty much, and then one day while cleaning, I moved him.

This cat, who is obsessed with stuffed animals, saw him and became very interested:

(something like that!)

So this kitty found Glory and would carry him places without anyone noticing.

He'd leave him on the floor.

And he'd leave him on the stairs!

This morning, this kitty was lounging around...

when he noticed Glory relaxing in his cubby.

And then this happened.

*gasp* Facedown!

I was in a hurry to work, so Glory had to wait until I got home. And yes, I'll admit, I wanted to see where he might end up. Well, I found out when I got home.

Poor guy.


  1. Hahaha! Such a wonderful, random post!!

    Poor Glory, though. He's got a rough life. ;-)

  2. Poor Glory, the stuff he goes through :(
    Wyatt carries around his toys and puts them in random places too. I've found his toys in our bed. Yes, he brings them in bed to play with (eyeroll)

    You have got to be the luckiest person ever--always winning stuff! Send some of that winner dust over here!

  3. lol :) Animals do the funniest things. :)


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