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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Two Hundred Fifteen

I used to hate avocado's. I hated guacamole, I hated the idea of avocados, I hated that they were so green inside! But thinking back, I don't even know if I had ever eaten any before. They aren't that popular in cold Canada. I took the plunge one day in college while buying Chipotle and tasted their guacamole. I've been hooked ever since.

Christina has an avocado tree in her backyard but this year it isn't producing. I wanted to show you the "small" avocado I bought yesterday.

My hand for reference. (Yeah, I have some notes on my palm). It's pretty huge. One strip fit almost the length of the tortillas I was using. Oh, and it's delicious. The big ones are actually more yellow inside than green, but they taste the same.

I made a fajita type meal with Italian turkey sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and my sundried tomato tortillas. I put salsa, shredded cheese and avocados on there. Fantastic! I'm a good cook when I want to be. ;)

Ok, after that little bit of news, I'm going to be grumpy.

I'm tired of working. I have to force myself to get through the day, finding new projects to make it seem like I'm busy. I think work would be 100 times better if I could read my book in between customers. But I can't. I'm burnt out. I'm tired of working a job that I don't really enjoy. I'm becoming even more lazy and less productive and more grumpy than ever before. I don't know what will fix it, either.

I'm angry at my stupid community. I used to bring Dexter to this fenced off area that was really a drainage ditch, but when it wasn't wet it was a perfect little dog park. Until today, when I went to go throw the ball for him in an enclosed space and found that they had put a lock on the gate. I don't know if I ruined it or if someone else did, but I'm angry. When I don't want to walk Dexter (like today, when I'm sick and my throat hurts), I play fetch with him. I can't play fetch with him at the park across the street unless it's early morning because it's overrun by hooligan kids with long hair. But now, I don't have that other option. Thanks, community.

I'm just tired and grumpy and I'm letting everything get to me!


  1. ooh, i hate when stupid stuff like that (the locked area) happens! maybe it was just locked for a short time? (pollyanna, sorry!)

    that avocado is huge and certainly looks delicious! and also reminds me that i want to get some. : )

    i hope tomorrow will be better & that you'll feel better for sure. sore throats suck. : (

  2. That avocado is HUGE! I wish I could find some that size. As for your day, here's hoping tomorrow is a better day and work improves for you chickadee.

  3. oh yum, I love avocados and guacamole! And that avocado is huuuuge!

    Like you, I also hated avocados/guacamole until I tried Chipotle's guac. omg I was in heaven and now guacamole is one of my favorites!


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