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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety-One

Lookit that! We're nearing that 200 marker. Wuh-oh!

What a... non-exciting day. Half my day was consumed by a CPR/First Aid certification that we had to take for work. It actually wasn't too bad of a class, for what it was. I was surrounded by some of my favorite coworkers and the instructor was good, so it made the class go by quickly.

After work, I made a quick trip to the PX and then headed home to go on my run. I had to cut my run short by about five minutes because my left foot was killing me. Frustrating. I've already been slowing it down, I hate to have to slow down again! Dexter was loving it, though. ;)

Here's a little story for you guys: When we first got Dish Network here, we wanted a box in our bedroom, because we used to have a TV up there. Our installer guy ran the cable up the side of the house. Well, over a year later, housing noticed and called me to take it down. No problem, we no longer have a TV upstairs. I call Dish Network and they basically say "you have to figure it out yourself." Oh, cool. So I call maintenance and they say "we're not allowed to use anything more than a step ladder." Oh, ok.

What do I do? Well, lucky for me the tallest parts of the cable are just pushed into a clip (think a C not an O), so I take the screen off my master bedroom, lean out the window and pop the cable out. Yay for that. The clips are still screwed in there, but what can I do, right? I go downstairs to finish the job and notice that the cable is now tied in there... I need a ladder.

Well, with no other options, I called housing to brief them on the situation. They said they'd get back to me and I'm anxiously awaiting. I can't wait until we own our own home!


  1. OMG housing can be so frustrating sometimes! Dish Network needs to send someone out to take down what they put up. I would ask for a supervisor :)
    I wish we had a tall ladder, I would bring it right over!

    Ooh and yay for 200 days coming up!! Almost 2/3rds of the way there!! :D

  2. Well, that's annoying. Worst case scenario, do you have a Self Help thing on post? Can you borrow a ladder? And a neighbor to hold it?


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