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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety-Nine

Wow! Yesterday was such a success! I loved seeing new "faces" in my comments. I responded to everyone (except those with no reply-to email set...) and I look forward to hearing more from you all.

Today my horoscope promised a good day and I have to say, it was. I started out with a movie date with Brandon. We watched The Terminal together, until his internet crapped out. I still finished the movie then shot him an email saying goodnight.

I met up with Christina and we went down to Boutiki, a store on Pearl Harbor that has a lot of handmade items. I ended up buying this cuuuttteee lantern thing that uses tea candles, and a snowman ornament made from shells. I should take a picture... but I'm lazy. We then went over to the NEX, getting lunch and shopping around a bit. On our way to the commissary a Brazilian man stopped us to clean our rings and try to get us to buy his stuff... well, we came back with clean rings! Haha. Then we went to the commissary... not that exciting.

We stopped at Macy's on our way back because I had put these shoes on hold:

Here's the background on these shoes: I found them in September when I went to Macy's with Sarah. I HAD to put them on. See, I'm not a high heels kind of girl. I wear flip flops or comfy slip on shoes or Sketchers. Nothing fancy. I was drawn to these shoes and they are so me. They were soooo comfy, but alas, they were $80, so I stowed them away.

Just a couple days ago I was trying to figure out what to do with my $40 of clothing allowance. I thought of the shoes. I remembered a sale at Macy's. I checked online and they were... $40! Yes. However, online they only had the tan color available, bleh. I called all 3 Macy's on the island and only ONE of them had them. One pair in size 6.5. I'm a size 7.

Well, I tried them on and yep, they're too small. Sad day. The picture doesn't do them justice at all! They're the Kenneth Cole Reaction Lighter Note Pumps in Denim. Maybe one day!

Then we got Coldstone!

Later today we had Mexican food at Courtney's. I made some Spanish rice. It was a nice night! I drank a bunch of wine but I got nothing except hot... no buzz. What's the point? :P

I came across this comic on another blog today and it totally reminds me of myself:


  1. I love the shoes!! I hope you find them in the right size and color. Did you try ordering them online?

  2. ahaha i love that comic! that's totally me as well. i might have to borrow it some time.
    cute shoes!

  3. I have heard a few people talk about Movie Dates with their husbands; what is it? It sounds like fun!

  4. Love the shoes! I found a pair of Kenneth Cole heels a couple years ago that I had to have, except they were half a size too small like yours were. But I HAD to have them so I bought them anyway, and to this day I have yet to wear them but they do look pretty in my closet :)

  5. Those are cute shoes. I would be heart broken. But Coldstone totally makes up for it!


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