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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety-Eight

Are you that blog follower? The one who reads posts but never comments? Well, guess what! Today is Delurker Day! You've probably read it on some other blogs. The premise is this is the day for those anonymous people to introduce themselves. No pressure! Just a quick "Hi! I follow your blog!" will do. Maybe tell me about yourself, or your blog, or your dog... whatever. And please please please set your reply-to email! That way, I can say hi back!

My brain shut off today. I called it around 1 am after I walked through the doors once my break was over. I still had 4.5 hours left. Ugh. I was probably a horrible sales person today because I was just done. I couldn't motivate myself to do anything really and it was a chore helping people. Sorry customers!

Lucky for me, Christina car battery died, so I asked my boss if I could go rescue her and her poor baby. I neglected to tell them that she was at her house, so it wouldn't have killed her if I couldn't jump her car. I'm sure she was very happy! I certainly enjoyed the 20ish minutes of a paid break I received.

I finally got out on a run after work and it felt wonderful. Dexter sure needed it! He's still trying to get me to throw his ball though...

I don't work tomorrow! YAY!


  1. Hi chickadee,
    I've been following your blog for a bit. I also live in Hawaii :)

    Well just wanted to say aloha!

    Annie from Blonde Glambition

  2. Heya

    Just wanted to say hello.... I have only been following your blog for a very short time but am really enjoying it, I live in Sydney Australia and I am an Army spouse as well :) we have decided to holiday in Honolulu again this year and I can't wait :)

  3. this would be me, the stalker, leaving a comment...hehehe

  4. Hi Chantal! My name is Sarah and I follow your blog! I am an Army wife from Oklahoma and my Hubby dear and I are currently going through our second deployment.. first one as a married couple though. He should be home later this year. I am a music education student, so I don't blog as much as I would like to, but I'm hoping to change that and hoping that we can get to know eachother better! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Alright, I guess I am a lurker. LOL. I have just recently started following your blog, and it's great! :)

  6. Hi! I've been following your blog for a short time, but I've enjoyed reading it so far!

    I'm also a military wife, my husband and I are in California and he's deployed but due home soon. :) Our first baby is due in April!

    Oh and as someone who has worked in customer service, I definitely feel you on those days where you are just not there.

  7. Hi! So glad I now follow your blog! :)

  8. Hello hello!
    Fellow Army wife here! Been married 4 years to my high school sweetheart...we have 4 furbabies (2 cats: Daisy & Braveheart and 2 Mini Schnauzers: Webster & Henry). Live up in snowy NY and am trying to get a blog started myself. :)

  9. Hi! I actually just stopped by your blog for the first time today. What's your focus in history?

  10. Hi Chantal, I'm Whitney (Honey Bunches of "Oaks") and I've been following your blog since about Day 10 or so? OOps.
    I'm an Army wife from Alabama. Married to my Honey for 2 1/2 years. No kids, or pets. Have 2 nephews and one niece. I blog about them a lot. :)

    I'll try to comment more often now. *blushes*


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