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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day One Hundred Eighty-Six

I feel a deployment fit coming on. Occasionally, I just want to throw something and scream! I just want Brandon home! What I'm missing the most? His hugs. What I wouldn't do for a big Brandon hug. Maybe not one of the rib-crushing ones... but close. It would just be so nice to hug and cuddle and just be close to each other. We were always so close and it's the hardest adjustment about deployment, or any separations. Yes, I would just like to throw myself to the ground, kick my feet and cry about missing him!

Not today though! I was very productive today!

This morning I made a grocery run and filled up my house in anticipation of my crazy work schedule. I didn't have any breakfast foods, or really any foods. Now, it's looking much better.

Most of the morning was spent with my financial planner (aka my husband) in a long budgeting meeting. We've recently read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsay and have decided to take hold of our financial future by following his plan. It's a hard adjustment, but we're both excited about taking control of our finances. We totally recommend this book! This morning we finished allocating all our money into categories and made a good budget plan. Then we moved onto our savings goals and how much we want to save for each item. We had to cut the meeting short eventually once the finance guy was tired. ;)

I hopped over to my neighbors afterwards to give them money for watching Dexter. While there, I mentioned mowing my lawn and my neighbor guy Joe said he'd come over and do it, as long as I picked up the poop. It looks wonderful back there now. He did a fantastic job! I love having great neighbors.

I met up with Christina at the PX and later drove to her house to walk the dogs together. Once Marcus went down for a nap, we decided to play some Wii. First we played her new game, Wii Party. That was fun! Then we moved onto my new game, Just Dance 2. Holy moly, is that a workout. Christina rocks at the game... I only got a high score on one song. Ah well.

Tomorrow starts the work week. Blah.

Look at this cute picture. Winston loves my new slippers!

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  1. Congrats on deciding to live like no one else! My husband and I have been doing it since September and we have paid off over 6K in debt! Its hard at first but totally worth it. It was such a huge relief to get our credit cards paid off. I NEVER thought I would see the day I had my credit card paid off and closed for good.


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