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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One Hundred Eighty-Seven

Anyone done a 101 in 1001 list? I've been slowly working on mine but I'd like to organize it into categories. I'm not sure! Do any of you have one on your blog that I can see? Let me know!

Ah, the work week started. I was actually very productive in the morning! I wrote 500 words (I'm doing this 90 day writing challenge that started yesterday. Let me know if you want info on it!), then I showered and played fetch with Dexter. Then Brandon came online. Guess what!! He finally got a new webcam. How long has it been since his broke? Ages! It was sooooo nice to see him. We made faces and made each other laugh. It was almost like we were in the same room. Almost.

Then I went to work for 8 and a half hours. Yay.

Once I got home I restarted my running program! It's back to the basics. It felt great though! Dexter sure loved going out with me too. I have to say, though, nothing makes me wince more than a chorus of children screaming "DOGGY!" Yikes. This dog is insatiable though... he keeps bringing me his ball. AHHH. Now he's laying down, panting, with a ball in his mouth...

Hope you're doing well! Remember to set your reply-to email! I respond to almost every comment I get - I even sometimes hold conversations. It's win-win!


  1. What exactly is 101 in 1001? I've seen it on other peoples blogs :)
    Glad you were finally able to have a face to face convo with Brandon today!

  2. Hey, you never reply to my comments :(

  3. I've never done a 101 in 1001. I don't have the patience to sit down and make a list, plus my interests are a moving target. And glad he got a new web cam, too! Yay for funny faces!

  4. I'm really interested in doing that 101 in 1001 thing.. where can I learn about it??

    Yay for you starting back running! You go girl!

  5. I am clueless on the 101 in 1001 thing-bring me up so speed, please!

  6. I should have replied here instead of up there lol.

    I do!! 101 in 1001


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