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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day One Hundred Eighty-Nine

My whole day was off!

Before work I had to go to our spouse's club board meeting. It went well, so no complaints! Then I hurried over to Courtney's house - she just came in yesterday from her long trip home. I brought her my vacuum so she could clean up a bit. Christina came over and we chatted a bit before I had to force myself to work. Blah.

Work went well, but it felt weird because of the new employees. I hardly did any transactions today because they were doing all the work for me. So yeah, between the meeting and work messing up my schedule, my day felt weird.

After work I went on another great run and then worked on editing my novel for half an hour. I'm submitting it for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards at the end of the month! Ahhh time crunch!

Nothing else to report. It wasn't a very exciting day! Tomorrow will be, though!


  1. Fingers (and toes hehe) crossed for your novel submission, Im so excited for you!!! :)

    PS-Thanks for answering my ticket question today!!!

  2. Hope everything goes well for the contest!!

  3. Ok, now I feel dumb because I 'm not sure if it's a, let me retry that :) Good luck on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards!!

  4. How exciting about your novel!! I'm sure you will do amazing :)


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