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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty-Three


I don't talk about him much on this blog. It's kind of funny, because he's the reason I branched from my regular blog and started this one. Or was it because of the third wheel in our marriage, The Army? I know I mention him here and there, but I never really talk about him. This blog, first and foremost, is for him to keep "tabs" on what I'm doing (so when I forget to tell him stuff, he can reference it here!), so why would I talk to Brandon about himself?

I do recognize that I have a bunch of followers, including family and friends, who would be curious about Brandon. So here's a quick rundown about Brandon, my husband.

This is Brandon. He has brown hair, and since it's short I can't tell exactly what shade it is, and brown eyes. He is a Virgo, likes a good rum and coke, and long walks on the beach. We first met in 2005 when I had just started university and he had transferred to my school (he had been going to one in a town nearby and was part of the same ROTC program, just changed universities). I was 18 when we first met and he was 19, though he turned 20 not too long after that. I can't remember our first meeting but I have vague memories of him that first year. I did see him every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for PT, and then Thursdays for ROTC lab! We were in different classes, though, and had a different groups of friends.

Other memories before we started? I remember running numerous times near him during PT. I remember going on my first ROTC skiing trip and hitting the slopes with him. I remember him laughing at me when I fell down (which he still does). I remember standing in formation saying "you only stand behind me so you can look at my butt" and he would say "no, I stand here so I can see" - he's taller than me by 7 inches! I remember he promed to take me shooting for my birthday, and we actually didn't go shooting until September (my bday is in April!). I remember paint-balling with him. :)

Anyway, I won't bore you with our first date details until that anniversary comes up in May, but we officially became a couple May 12, 2006. After a tumultuous love affair ;) we moved in together at the end of March 2007, and then became engaged June 2, 2007. We married June 1, 2008, and here we are!

I'm one of the lucky few who gets to talk to her husband nearly every day. Like 98% of the time, I get to chat with him. We don't webcam anymore, now that his webcam is broken. Sad day. So I haven't really seen him, except for a few photos, for months now. He calls me every once in awhile and I live for those days! Our main communication? Google Talk. We IM every morning. I tell him about my yesterday and my future today, he tells me about his today, and it's all good!

We're past 23 weeks now and I've got to say, it feels pretty good. I remarked to my friends yesterday, while sitting and chatting with our soldier guests at the luncheon, that it felt weird to talk to a guy. I had to rack my brain to finger out when the last time was that I even hugged a guy... and it came down to when I was in Canada and I hugged one of my relatives. Huh!

He comes home in a couple months for R&R. It's coming so quick! Now we're just counting the days until we see each other and then counting down the days until he's home for good. Wow, that will be weird! In a good way, of course. We're each doing our thing at home - I work, I hang out with friends, I exercise, etc. He goes to work, he watches movies, he exercises. But when we get to talk, it's the best!

I love you, Brandon, and I miss you lots! Keep safe!


  1. I love that your [wedding] anniversary is 6 days before ours! I'll never forget your anniversary, lol!

  2. This was so sweet... It actually made me do a lot of reminiscing (which kind of sucks).. but still I loved this :) I think you are doing so well and being so strong and I will be excited when he gets to come home to you! :)

  3. You 2 sound like a fun couple. It's wonderful that you get to talk to him so often and that he's coming home for R&R soon!

    Great to see you on the weekly roundup!

  4. What a cute story! I was thinking the same thing the other day, about the last time I hugged a guy and it was Jimmy before he left! Luckily he comes home for his R&R next month! I hope your time goes by super fast!


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