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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty-Six

Um, I think there's a tree growing in my house.

Shh, don't tell Brandon. Or housing, for that matter.

It kind of came out of nowhere. I mean, I had seen it growing and had pulled it out a few times, but I guess I let it go too far. I'm all alone here! I haven't even mowed the lawn this month, let alone rip out trees growing in my backyard. I've been eyeing it for some time and it's just getting worse. I think I need an ax or something now because I'm pretty sure the "stem" (more like trunk) is an inch thick, maybe more. Probably more. It's taller than me. Here's a little glimpse of this monster:

I'm not lying. I might need an intervention. Should I wait until Brandon gets home? Should I call on Joe next door? Should I go as far as *gulp* calling housing? Or maybe I should let this tree flourish up the side of my house, revel in its glory, and give it a friendly name, like Mervin?

Hm, Mervin...

In other news, I opened my second present from Brandon! This week? Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker's Greatest Hits!

It's a two-disc anthology full of sweet Tom Petty music. I have to say, I kind of expected this one when I put it on my list. Brandon and I rarely agree on music (he likes Disturbed, Korn, AC/DC... I like Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5, Train), but we have a few bands we can listen to together, and Tom Petty makes the list! So it's sort of a gift to Brandon from himself through me, huh. ;) It's ok, I love it. Thanks, Brando!!

Now, onto a quick, sad report. You know that running thing? I'm not sure about it anymore. I started the next step of my running plan and had to stop halfway through because of the same pain I've always felt. If you don't know much about my history, here's a very quick rundown: I was in ROTC, I developed bad plantar fasciitis, after physical therapy and surgery, I was medically discharged, I haven't really run since because of the pain. I thought these barefoot shoes would help, and I think they did, for a time. Maybe I'm taking it too fast? Maybe it's just still there? I dunno! But I'm thinking I need to pick a new sport... I hate giving up.

Ok, I gotta get back to entertaining a tireless border collie. They all warned me about the breed and I brushed them off... and I'm reminded every night what I got myself into!


  1. Mervin looks like its peeking around the corner!!
    Im sorry about the running thing, I hope you find something that doesnt bother your foot!

  2. we have shelties, and they are the same way! I love them though, because although they have an endless amount of energy, they are the smartest and sweetest dogs anyone could ever ask for!

  3. First of all, I vote for the Mervin plan :)

    Second, what a sweet, thoughtful gift!! That sweet Brandon.


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